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Lisa VanderBoom


Shakespeare once said some are born to greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them. When greatness came knocking for Lisa VanderBoom, she tried to hide.  She got married, had a child and moved into the suburban life.  She did the practical things, earned an MBA and got a job in corporate America.  Lisa basically locked the door and pulled down the shades.

Destiny, however, is hard to avoid.

It all started in 1987 when Lisa, just 21 years old, went to a psychic in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This was not one of those entertaining but useless visits to the local psychic.  This was something entirely different.  The psychic downloaded, in detail, the events of Lisa’s future: relationships, events, past lives she would discover, things she would do and the revelation of her mission in life; to use this whole experience to write a book to share with others that there is more to our reality than what we know through only our five senses. 

“It was so detailed,” Lisa said, “I couldn’t believe it.  While part of me couldn’t accept it at the time, another part of me resonated so deeply with it.  But I would not be able to hold that grander version of myself for many years and many lessons later.”

Ten years after the psychic reading, it all started to come true.  Lisa met the people predicted to her, she found information on past lives and karmic relationships, and events unfolded just as foretold.  So many details coming true outside her control led her to accept the reality that her life was indeed an example for others to learn about the depth of love and the expansiveness of life.  And, of course, in the end, was the book.

In 2003, Lisa published Awakenings: A Story of Love for a New Consciousness in which she detailed the remarkable experiences that that lead her to realize that we are living in a subset of a higher reality.

“I wrote the book to encourage others to ask the questions ‘Why am I here?’ and “What should I do with my life?’” VanderBoom says. “I am particularly interested in helping people take a glimpse into the grandness of who they really are, to help them take ownership of their own greatness and manifest the lives for which they were destined.  We are at a time of a great shift in human consciousness, and as we each become more aware of who we really are, we will become more aware of what to do with our lives.  This will lead us to living more fulfilled and having deeper experiences of love.”


Today, Lisa is on staff at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (, which serves on the forefront of a global shift in consciousness by bridging the worlds of science and spirit.  She is also the co-founder of LightStream Productions (www.LightStreamers.Com), an organization that promotes world transformation through individual spiritual growth.

Since Awakenings first appeared, Lisa has spoken to audiences throughout the United States.  And now that she is no longer running from her destiny, Lisa has found herself at peace and fulfilled with the evolution of her life’s path and mission.  She makes her home in scenic northern California where she lives with her daughter and tries to put her experiences in perspective.

“I’m not a spiritual teacher or a guru, I am just an example for what is true for all of us,” Lisa says.  “Don’t follow me, learn from me.  When we can find each other in our deepest places of knowing, when we can interact beyond fear to the level of the soul, we can then take this human experience and make it something truly divine.”


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