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Lisa VanderBoom co-founder of LightStream


Lisa F. VanderBoom – Co-founder of LightStream Productions and author of the “Awakenings: A Story of Love for a New Consciousness”


Lisa VanderBoom was alive, well and living a typically American life when her world collided with a bigger, more unpredictable universe. At first, she resisted. After all, she had it all—a home in a Chicago suburb, a husband, a child, and a successful job in the corporate world.  But someone, or something, had other plans for her.

Suddenly, Lisa’s life took off in directions totally out of character for her life as she follows a path predicted by unusual predictions of psychics she had met as well as her own unusual dreamlife. She is confronted with love, romance, death, intrigue and redemption from a string of past lives, all calling her to open up to a world that is more mysterious and awe-inspiring than she had ever thought possible.

            Not since The Celestine Prophecy has a story of self-discovery and adventure embodied so many spiritual truths so accessibly, except that Awakenings is not fiction.  It actually happened.  Through this empowering and heart-opening journey, with its surprising twists and turns, Lisa learns how to understand her past, create her future, and find meaning and happiness in the now. Just as importantly, she discovers that, like all of us, she has the power to create her own destiny, break the cycles of karma, and live in tune with the higher forces that shape our lives. 

This is a story of an amazing spiritual journey; a touching romantic saga, and an inspired message of hope.  “Awakenings – A Story of Love for a New Consciousness,” contains strange and unusual events; spiritual awakening; and the search for love and life fulfillment.  It is a true story about freeing ourselves from karma that binds and blocks our hearts and inhibits our ability to love and be loved in turn.  It is about challenges of the soul that can lead to an incredible completeness when we are open to our life’s purpose and follow our higher selves.  And it is about the magical beginning of LightStream and the calling of the messengers.

            The events that take place in Awakenings happened to Lisa, but they could happen to any of us. With wit and courage, this candid portrait of a woman in search of herself illustrates that when we tap into the rich reservoir within—balancing the power of our intuition with our logical mind—we do have the power to fulfill the life of our dreams.

For those looking to make sense of life, those searching for how to find joy even in difficult times, and for those who know there just has to be something more, this book is for you.  This is not just an interesting story - it is the framework on which to hang insights about the beauty and mystery of life.  It is a story whose time has come and a story you will not only enjoy, but a story that will also touch your soul and help you on your own journey of life as well. 

You will read about me, but you may just discover yourself.

 With Love and Hope for what we can become,


What's Being said about Lisa's book!!

"This well written, fast-moving, compelling romantic adventure is also a bold, forthright, and very personal journey of "awakening." At an even deeper level, it is a powerful story of opening to a grander, all embracing universal love for all life that completely overshadows and transforms loss into precious gain."
Winston Franklin, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Lisa VanderBoom has been a most courageous explorer who is brave enough to take us along with her on the journey in search of true meaning.  In this marvelously insightful book, Lisa helps us to see ourselves more clearly as she travels along the way of earnest discovery"
Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved By The Light

“This is a story of remarkably insightful woman, one that involves soul mates, past lives, psychic predictions that come true, love, sex and murder. What makes this story even more dramatic is that it is true. Lisa VanderBoom’s fascinating book brings to the reader a new understanding of the human soul, our paths of incarnation, and the loves of our lives.”
—Walter Semkiw, M.D., author of Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited and Born Again 


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