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Laurel Savoie -Author of CHILDREN OF THE SUN


This multimedia package includes a book and CD. Children of the Sun is a spiritual journey for children of all ages, teaching universal spiritual truth and principles through the power of written word, story telling, rhyme, music, performance and illustration.

The CD contains an audio theatrical performance of a magical story complete with narration, ten character voices, eleven original songs, orchestration, affirmations, prayers, nature and sacred sounds.

"The book and its accompanying CD is a wonderful array of color, vision, prose, music and song. These are the important doors into the brain, mind and spirit of children. The story line has a flair of magic that all young children are comfortable with and yet this magical aura slowly turns into a realistic story that in the end rings true in the Heart, especially in the stillness that the music and words evoke. The artwork has a simplicity which children like yet has an "otherworldly" richness and texture that transforms the child out of their normal frame of reference.

The storyline is an allegory of Humanity's forward journey into the Light 'of Love, Understanding and the correct use of Power. Its foundation is in Biblical truth (with many quotes from the Bible), beginning with the experience of Moses and continuing with the Teachings of Jesus. But then importantly it expands into the Law of Life as taught by the Angels and Divine Masters that guide our spiritual journey in the present moment. Esoteric truths are distilled into simple prose and delightful, joyous song. The book is based entirely on the power of Love ... our Love for God and God's Love working through us to create a better world. It avoids any element of fear but rather instills a great faith that Love and understanding the Law of Life can and does overcome all that is less than Love."

Andrew Bremness. M. D.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Author of WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON, President of The New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
"I know this book is going to be a sacred Gift to the Planet."

From the author:

Dear Parents, Guardians, Family and Friends of our Precious Children,

I Am so grateful to each and every one of you for allowing me to share my gift of Love, Children of the Sun, with you and the special children in your lives. I feel strongly that as caring adults, our most important responsibility to the children in our world is to take an active role in their spiritual development. By planting the proper seeds early on, we can stimulate the spiritual and intellectual growth processes, so that our children may achieve balance and reach their full potential as enlightened spiritual beings. By providing the proper assistance at this crucial time in their lives, you can help them realize their true purpose in life.

Because of the added advantage of the audio portion of this book, there is no minimum age requirement for its use and enjoyment. You can play the CD for a newborn baby, and expose this new soul to the soothing sounds of the characters speaking, the birds singing and the healing qualities of the music playing. Even toddlers, with your help and patience, can enjoy the colorful art in this book so beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Emery Bear. You may also choose to interact by reading the story to them or they can listen to the audio version of this musical story included on the CD in this package. I truly hope that you will take full advantage of the many ways, for your children and the child in you, to experience this multimedia presentation.

Light & Love,

Laurel Savoie

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