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Kristina Catalina was born in Vancouver, B.C. She had been working and studying with several leaders of the ‘human potential’ movement in the 70’s & 80’s, when she had the great fortune to uncover some unbelievably powerful and profound distinctions about men and women. This changed her life and her relationships forever. Previous to that she was one of the millions of women who was frustrated and confused about how to relate with men. For the past 18 years her passion has been focused on the imponderable dynamic between men and women. She knew her mission was to empower men and women to have a deeper connection by having more fun with their differences. At this point Kristina knew her calling was to teach these man woman distinctions in seminars and as a relationship coach internationally.

She was compelled to write the book, “Man Woman Relationships Made Easy”, after years of requests from clients, participants and friends. Kristina is not a therapist or a psychologist. She is a ‘Relationship Humorist’ and deserves this distinction because she uniquely applies humor to a serious and sensitive subject. She hosted her own radio talk show called “Man Woman – The Mastergame” in Southern California, and has been featured several times on local stations. She has written articles for various publications in Southern California and has been interviewed on numerous television shows. She has also been a featured speaker for numerous events and organizations throughout the country. She has a gift of getting people’s attention in a very fun and non-threatening way. She currently resides in Solana Beach, California.

Man Woman Relationships Made Easy brilliantly walks you through the maze of male/female differences toward successful and fulfilling relationships. Kristina's passion for this work shines through on every page. A must read!

John Gray, author “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”


   Kristina's no-nonsense approach to relationships lends a more clear understanding of one's mate.

Mel Minitor, Co-Founder of LightStream Productions


Kristina communicates very clearly how simple it can be to interact successfully with the opposite sex. She is a savvy woman who knows where the power in relationships really lies. If you’re interested in a great relationship, you need to read this book. It's a real eye-opener.

Jack Canfield, Co-Author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” ®
and “Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul”

Kristina is a passionate and dynamic woman who has a profound message and a powerful way of communicating it. Her wit and wisdom will make a difference in the lives of everyone who reads, Man-Woman Relationships Made Easy. A necessary addition to every relationship library.

Dr. Leah M. Schwartz, best- selling author of “The One Hour Orgasm”.

I read your book Sunday night, then ... Monday morning this "friend" came up to help me move. Well, he could have EASILY driven me crazy with his "weirdness" BUT ... I kept hearing your voice and seeing your words: "have fun" ... "be playful" ... "they really
just want to help". Sooooooo, I practiced new Kristina Catalina inspired behavior and--IT WORKED!!! I have expanded my heart towards him in a way that allows him to be who he is and express who he is, in HIS way, without conflict or judgment from me. What a timely, divine encounter you have been for me--Thank you!

Judy Rossiter
Advertising Manager, South Cal. Publication

I love what you say in the first chapter very much. It is very important for me to be given the opportunity to feel like a man. I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with your statement that there is too much male energy. I hope you lead a new revolution, big as the last, to turn this DAMN thing around!!

Jay Traynor

Kristina is a powerful woman whose wisdom inspired me to change my relationships with men forever! I feel much more compassion for all men who are so misunderstood. Kristina is right - it's so simple yet I missed it. Now I have the healthy, loving and supportive marriage that I always wanted. Life is great!

Robin Mayfield

Profound commonsense that will simplify even the most complex of Man-Woman relationships. End the struggle now and begin the dance to passionate and powerful relationships. Kristina shows you how in a humorous and captivating way.

Mari Smith, Relationship Coach and Founder,

If you've ever wondered why you don't have an extraordinary relationship, read this book. If you don't believe it is possible to have the relationship of your dreams, read this book. I didn't believe it was possible. Now I know it is! I live it every day of my life, with my wife!

Emmett Culley

I had been single for many years w/ no clue as to why? Kristina's information gave me clarity on why. My husband and I recently celebrated our 1year anniversary and cherish being in a powerful, rich and intimate relationship of our dreams. This is a model of relating that simply works.

Denise Culley

I've used this important information in every type of relationship I have had between men and women and find it to make life much more fun when I'm dealing with the opposite sex, whether it is in romantic relationship, business or friendships.

Andrea Scarla. Founder and CVO,
Hale Makia, Entrepreneurial Training for Teens

It's one thing to be born a man or a woman - but to fulfill on the opportunities thus given is an art. Kristina Catalina knows this art and practices it with delicious and unrestrained indulgence, sourcing delight both for herself and everyone she teaches and interacts with.

Martin Lyons, Relationship Coach and Seminar Leader

I am very grateful to Kristina for providing the missing link in man/woman relationships. My frustration with men has melted away and I have a new appreciation and respect for our differences. Reading this book was like having a bright light shining on what’s really going on between the sexes.

Barbara Marvin, Consultant, GAP International


What People Say About Kristina's Style

Kristina is AMAZING at connecting with people, male and female and at instantly empowering them and having them feel good about themselves - it's a very powerful and wonderful gift that she gives to people. It's also amazing that she very rarely intimidates or pushes anyone away with her power.




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