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Kathryn Brinkley

Kathryn Brinkley is an author, journalist, lecturer, metaphysical minister, Reiki Master, and certified Holistic Health Therapist who has been dedicated to excellence in her work while driven by an insatiable thirst to understand the eternal truths of the Universe. For as long as she can remember, Kathryn has found herself attuned to the higher frequencies and dimensions. She became aware of her Angelic Guardians when they made themselves visible to her at the age of four. Through their powerful and protective presence she deepened her understanding of life’s mysteries as she was faced with a myriad of life challenges, including the tumultuous aftermath of a life altering near-death-experience.

In 1988 she began her journalistic career writing cutting edge articles for a metaphysical newspaper (she would eventually co-own) on strictly spiritual subject matter. Soon after Kathryn conducted her first, of over fifty in-depth interviews to come, with the spiritual community’s leading authorities. Authors such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne and Marcelene Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Dan Millman, Stuart Wilde, Richard Hatch, Shakti Gawain and James Redfield were a handful of those who offered their open minds and hearts to these soul searching, mission clarifying interviews known as Conversations with Kathryn. Shortly before his passing, Leo Buscaglia proved to be one of the most profound conversations for her, both professionally and personally. The inspiring influence Buscaglia’s lifelong search for the meaning of love had exerted a great influence over Kathryn for years before their interview. Yet, that one hour conversation culminated in the validation of her soul’s path in life.  In fact each of Kathryn's insightful interviews brought her ever closer to the heart of her spirituality and life's purpose.  One such serendipitous interview Kathryn now refers as ‘a date with destiny’ because it subsequently led to her marrying the man of her dreams. That man is Dannion Brinkley, lecturer and author of the international bestseller, Saved By The Light and At Peace In the Light.In 1993, Kathryn published her first book, now entitled, Jewels for the Soul: Spiritual Treasures for Daily Enlightenment. Currently she and her husband are collaborating on a spiritual romance filled with inter-dimensional intrigue, lust and magic. This must- read novel is close to completion and is titled, Beyond Destiny.

Through her ongoing study of the ancient arts of tarot, numerology, astrology and feng shui, Kathryn continues to uncover endless treasures of wisdom that she devotedly applies to her daily life as a wife, mother of six, and intuitive. Kathryn uses her gifts of spiritual understanding to help inspires others to step up to the plate and into their own unique personal magnificence.


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