Jonn Serrie is the foremost composer of space music.

His name is synonymous with this genre of electronic music. Known for his numerous works commissioned for planetariums around the world, he has reshaped and redefined ambient space music. In addition to his twelve albums, his body of work includes diverse projects with Lucasfilm Ltd., NASA, the United States Navy, Hayden Planetarium, Expo Seville, and CNN. 

Jonn's interest in electronic music began early with piano and church organ studies, eventually leading to a position as resident synthesist at Connecticut-based Electronic Music Laboratories in the 1970's. A fascination with space and aviation became the theme for his unique musical style. He is an FAA licensed pilot and lives in Atlanta.

Jonn Serrie's music covers a broad range of electronic music styles, from deep space ambiences to elegant romantic melodies, each with his unique signature sound woven throughout. Jonn's music is available at music stores and web sites world wide.

The Music Of Jonn Serrie

Jonn offers samples of each CD, they are in RealMedia format if you don't have the RealAudio  player get it
Free at : REAL AUDIO


And The Stars
Go With You

Flight Path


Chronicles Vol. I

Chronicles Vol. II


Upon a Midnight Clear

Spirit Keepers


Upon a Midnight Clear

Spirit Keepers

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Century Seasons

Hidden World

Lumia Nights


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