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Workshop name: "Step into Your Strengths"
Sponsor: The Center for new Psychology
Where: Glenwood Springs, CO (home of the world's largest outdoor hot springs pool)
When: Jan. 18-20, 2001
Workshop Directors: Jenna Catherine, author of Conversing With the Future . . . Visions of the Year 2020, and Dr. Doris Jeanette, Director of the Center for the New Psychology (

Subject matter . . . Learn to:
* sense the flow of energy so you can be aware of stagnant energy
* let go
* feel ecstasy
* sense the future
* read the information of finer vibrations
* use telepathy
* be intimate with self and others
* utilize untapped mental, emotional, physical abilities to fulfill your soul's purpose

Cost: $195.00 before Dec. 25, after, $225.00
For more information, contact or call 215-732-6197

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