Jenna Catherine

author of Conversing With the Future . . .Visions of the Year 2020

takes a look at the future.  Based on her time travel forward, to that year, she reports some pretty way out stuff.

Is it just in her head, or will it be true for you too?


Future Idea #2  -- IN THE FUTURE WE WILL BE TELEPATHIC.  This does not mean that verbal communication will disappear, just that we will develop the ability to use our physical bodies more to detect truth, which includes the subtle energy around and within us.  The way we know truth now is to memorize truths, then look for evidence of what we already believe.  Telepathy brings us more into the moment and helps us connect to higher dimensions, focusing us more on love and God.

            Interestingly, I ‘ve read two articles about autistic children who are telepathic.  In one case when the autistic child, Adrian Rocha, first started speaking – and she does and can now – she spoke about spirituality.  As she became more verbal, she shared an incredible awareness (future idea #1), including past lives, connections with spirit guides, and insight into the meaning of life, “Love is the only truly important reason for our life to exist,” her mother reports (Kristi Jorde, author of A Child of Eternity).  She even told her mother that she was real clear that autism was a way of teaching and that she had chosen it.  These are the kinds of awareness's all of us are in the process of developing now.

What I have noticed, is that what I have seen later in 2020 -- a whole lot of telepathy -- of course is beginning now.  But I wouldn’t know “now” if I hadn’t seen “later.”  That is why knowing the future is so important.  It changes how we interpret the now.  Believe me, the next be area for research will be interpretation.  Anyway, after seeing so much telepathy in the future, I decided to write a guide to telepathy, now in my book.  Maybe you’ll see your own roots for being telepathic now.  Perhaps you’ll recognize that the voices in your head are not yours.  Perhaps you’ll look at your own world entirely differently.  Perception is at the heart of all change. 

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