Congress Explores Vaccine and Biological Weapons Links:
Leading Expert Submits Stunning Suppressed NCI Reports


Release: No. 99-EV/6
Date Mailed: Oct. 12, 1999
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jackie Lindenbach (208) 265-2575 (800)336-9266

Sandpoint, ID As a congressional investigating committee meets today in Washington, D.C. to discuss contractual links between vaccine makers, defense contractors, and the biological weapons industry, the nation's leading authority on the subject will not be there. He simply wasn't invited. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, leading a massive grassroots crusade to expose certain vaccine makers' links to biological weapons producers, defense department (DoD) contractors, and a plethora of emerging diseases affecting millions of Americans, was merely asked to submit his documentation for future consideration by the U.S. Government Reforms Committee (GRC) that is chaired by Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN). The doctorıs submission includes stunning National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports tying several cancer epidemics and autoimmune diseases to contaminated vaccines and possible biological weapons experiments.

These documents, he believes, will unlikely make it to the floor for discussion.  According to Beth Clay, a GRC staff member in Dan Burton's office, the committee is unaware of "The Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP)" that Dr. Horowitz's materials document. The SVCP was a largely funded, mostly secret, NCI sponsored program. During the 1960s and early 1970s, contractors engineered numerous genetically altered viruses and disease triggers, some descriptively and functionally identical to even the AIDS virus (HIV) and Ebola. After they were developed, isolated, and cultured, they were tested according to contract reports. This was done illegally under the guise of "cancer research" according to Dr. Horowitz.

Included in his submission is the SVCP pharmaceutical company contract under which a 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine was prepared in chimpanzees for human use, then given to gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa. This, according to Dr. Horowitz, and even some scientists connected to the study, most likely triggered the international AIDS pandemic. "In my estimation, Dr. Horowitz has unearthed a covert operation, run amok, that is bigger than any secret operation in U.S. history," reported retired Colonel Jack Kingston, Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board in Washington. Previously on the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, Mr. Kingston called Dr. Horowitz's revelations "more momentous in it's implications to humanity than the atomic weapons OManhattan Project' of World War II." His letter accompanied a proposal submitted to HBO by National Geographic film producer Ron Quarachi. Mr. Quarachi has contracted for the film rights to Dr. Horowitz's work. A documentary based on Dr. Horowitzıs bestselling book, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola Accident or Intentional?" (Tetrahedron Press, 1997), wherein several potentially explosive NCI reports are reprinted, is currently in production by Nashville independent film producer Brent Leung.

 "It's unfortunate that legislators won't see these documents early in their investigation." Dr. Horowitz said. "The longer the connections between certain military­medical­industrialists, biological weapons makers, and vaccine manufacturers is withheld, the greater the rising tide of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and emerging infections will be. Without getting into conspiracy theories, it's synchronous and ironic that Dan Burton's committee won't hear these critical truths at the exact time the media is advising people regarding their risk of Oimmanent' biological weapons attacks, and need to reduce world populations."

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