Smallpox Vaccinations Versus Nature’s Most Powerful Preventative

Smallpox Vaccine Test Results from Baylor College of Medicine
Smallpox Vaccination Concerns
Smallpox Vaccination Risks Versus Natural Healing of Smallpox
Autism Epidemic: Dr. Horowitz’s Submission to Congress
Death in the Air
1,000 Death in the Air Books Donated to Congress and Libraries to Support Legislation Banning Risky “Star Wars” Programs

An Open Letter and Question for FBI Director, Robert Mueller, from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Prepared for Broadcast on “Inside Out,” Hosted by Michael Levine on KRLA radio in Los Angeles December 17, 2001.

Anthrax Mailing Inquiries Lead to Batttelle

CDC Advances Totalitarian Legislation Under Guise of "Public Health": Forced Drugging and Injections Are On The Horizon

Public Health Expert Says Solving The Anthrax Mailing Mystery May Be Easy:  FBI Doesn't Seem Interested

ABC News - Letter to FBI

Suggests Anthrax Mailings May Be Industrial Espionage

Recommendations for Fasting

The Fallacy Of Vaccinations

Vaccination Waiver - Article explains how to exempt your children
from risky vaccine programs.

Vaccination: The UnGodly Practice - Dr. Horowitz and co-authors
provide biblical support and references for refusing to take, and
legally exempt from, vaccination.

Press Releases

"Hepatitis B Vaccine and the Origin of HIV/AIDS: Perspectives on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic"

Outbreaks May Be "Man-made" and CIA-linked

Congress Explores Vaccine and Biological Weapons Links

Vaccination The Ungodly Practice

A State-by-State Summary of Vaccine Exemptions

Edible Vaccines

Public Health Expert Charges West Nile Virus Sprayings are Bogus and Potentially Deadly

AIDS Dissident Travels to Kenya on Forgiveness Mission - Says
Vaccines Helped Trigger Pandemic

Dr. Len Horowitz - Profile in Making A Difference


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