Recommendations for Fasting

By Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Valerie Saxion

"Here is the sort of fast I want," said the Lord (Isaiah 58:6-11).

His counsel advises fasting so that every area of your life will be free. Your spirit, mind, and body are included so that no disease will come upon you! Fasting, God said, facilitates this Divine freedom. "Your light will break forth like morning . . ." and your "healing shall spring forth speedily." Your fast, God declared, will even right your relationship with Him! So that He can go before you, and the glory, His goodness, will be your guardian.

As discussed in Horowitz "On Healing" and Taking Care of Yourself audio programs by Dr. Horowitz, fasting detoxifies the body, gives organs a rest, and brings natural healing by cleansing the body of toxins. It can even help reverse the aging process. By fasting three days a month, you can help rebuild the immune system and help fight off illness and degenerative diseases. Illness may simply reflect an overloaded immune system—one burdened by exposures to toxins of various kinds and origins.

Length of Fasts

In general, three to ten day fasts are recommended for health and longevity. It is a scientific fact that by fasting three days a month, you heal faster and can extend your life several years. A three day fast helps rid the body of toxins, a five day fast starts the healing process, and a ten day fast should take care of most problems before they arise.


Fasting Don’ts


Preparing for a Fast

Eat only raw foods two days before a fast.


Begin Your Fast

First thing in the morning drink one 8 oz glass of Clustered Water. This will aid in your absorption of all nutrients, as well as in cleansing and recreating cellular structures. 20-30 minutes later, drink 1 oz of Body Oxygen to aid in the detoxifying process.

Around mid afternoon, on an empty stomach, take a second 8 oz glass of Clustered Water, followed half-an-hour later by a second 1 oz serving of Body Oxygen.


Water and Juice Recommendations

Every day drink half your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water a day. Health science consensus currently believes that steam distilled water is the best for fasting, while alkalinized water is the best for maintenance hydration. Steam distilled water actually goes in and pulls out toxins from the organs. It literally pulls out the mire that gets caught in the follicles of the colon that breeds disease.

You will also find that drinking steam distilled water helps curb your appetite, unlike a sweet drink or juice that causes your body to want more.

When on your fast, dilute your pure juices with steam distilled water. Again, do not drink orange or tomato juice on a fast. The best juices are fresh lemon, cabbage, beet, carrot, celery, grape, apple, and green drinks made from leafy green vegetables. These are excellent detoxifiers.

Raw cabbage juice is known to help heal ulcers, cancer, and all colon problems. However, it must be fresh, not stored. It loses its vitamin U content.

Another excellent juice blend is three carrots, two stalks of celery, one turnip, two beets, a half head of cabbage, and a quarter bunch of parsley, and a clove of garlic. This could be one of the best juices on our planet for healing many illnesses.

Another favorite juice preparation is Stanley Borroughs’s "master cleanser." In a gallon of steam distilled water, mix the juice of five fresh lemons and half a cup of grade B maple syrup. Add one or more tablespoons of hot, hot cayenne pepper (at least 90,000 heat units) to your heat and taste tolerance. This is especially good for alkalinizing the body and raising body temperature to help resolve infections and flu-type illnesses.

Pure vegetable broths, with no seasonings added, are also good. To prepare these, gently boil veggies, including onions and garlic, for 30 minutes. 2-3 times a day drink the juice from these blended or strained broths.

If you must eat something, have a slice of watermelon (in season). Always eat watermelon alone. Alternatively, fresh apple sauce made with the skins on and processed in a blender or food processor is satisfying and won’t significantly disrupt your fast.

Use oat bran on your fast. It helps cleanse the colon by adding fiber. It is best to take this at night before going to sleep.

Spirulina can also be used during a fast. It is loaded with protein and all the vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Dr. Horowitz’s Flora-FitTM, which contains psyllium husks, along with soil-based microorganisms, is also recommended following day three of a fast. This product helps reestablish the optimal intestinal microflora for better digestion and nutrient assimilation.



Enemas during a fast are an absolute must. Enemas during fasting will assist the body in its cleansing and detoxifying effort by washing out all the toxic wastes from the alimentary canal. Enemas should be taken at least once, preferably twice a day. (Upon rising and before going to bed.) One pint to one quart of lukewarm distilled water is sufficient. Enema bags are available in any drug store.


Fasting Results

Fasting brings the body back to doing what it was designed to do, accomplish the will of God without the hindrances of fatigue, obesity and illness. Most people, following initial withdrawal from chemical dependencies (including caffeine and sugar) should dramatically see and feel a difference in their health status by day three of a good fast. People commonly feel lighter and more energized and notice improvements in complexion and eye color. These changes indicate you are on the return track to optimal health.


Maintenance After a Fast

Always break fasts gently.

Whole raw organic foods and their products may be used. One highly recommended by Dr. Horowitz is called Master Formula. This organic food formula will help in both continued detoxification as well as immune system boosting.

Continue to use Clustered Water and Body Oxygen daily to maintain health.

For another powerful aid in rebuilding the immune system, drink Pau d'arco and Echinacea tea mixed with one-third unsweetened cranberry juice four times a day.

Lightly steamed veggies in their broth with whole grain brown rice can be added slowly and used as part of a maintenance diet.

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