Halina Kacicki
is the Founder of
Angels of Mary and Angels of Insight


Her name  is Halina,...  Which means 'The Light to show the way'. Her passion is helping others. Her hope for you is that you will experience greater inner peace and understanding. Her own tough life experiences including three near deaths,... having compassion for others, and visions of unconditional love, attributed toward doing the work she does today. The prophetic visions for and about Humanity.

Halina Kacicki is an American of royal Polish ancestry. Her family has a distinctive legacy of humanitarianism, helping the poor and needy, abandoned children, elderly and the dying in their time of suffering.
After one of the darkest periods of Halina’s life, when she endured the loss of much of her family in the short span of one year, she founded Angels of Mary, a non-profit organization centered on helping and respecting others, the support of American Veterans, and bringing attention to environmental concerns.
Several years ago, Halina also formed a charity dedicated to personal healing and spiritual transformation called, Angels of Insight. With this she has given countless hours towards helping clients achieve their self-empowerment, personal fulfillment and universal connective guidance. All of this is done under a trusting and loving atmosphere, in which clients can commence their own inspired healing process and discover their true potential.
Halina also consults on financial and business issues, including working for law firms on litigations and advising on investments. She has even worked with police and investigators on missing persons cases.
Halina is also a gifted poet who has her poetry published in two books,' Forever Spoken', in which her poetry is published in, titled, 'A Dance Through Time' for 2006 and ' Time Alone' for 2007.
Halina's poetry is also on audio and won six International Awards for Artistic Achievement and Merit.
The Noble House of London, England has awarded Halina the Gold and Silver award for the creative work and recognized her as a Poet of the Fellow of Noble House Publishers.
Currently she also has three DVD's on sale at Amazon produced by Mayan Animations / Al May, and has been on several radio shows and two TV Shows .
Nipon TV for Japan 2007, also for the year upcoming under present negotiations for international and nation wide viewing produced by a brilliant producer whose artistic vision and incredible passion for truth and world wide healing including issues of all levels and the environment. Polarshift Productions - Paul Stoichevski.    Learn more at:   www.angelsofmary.com


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