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The history and legend of Gakati’yi is powerful and profound. It was sometime between 1730 and 1750 on the banks of the Tuckaseegee River, 15 miles south of Bryson City, North Carolina. At this spot, a battle had taken place between the Cherokees and the Caucasian Peoples. The Cherokee People had taken prisoners, and these Native Americans had decided to release the Caucasians for humanitarian reasons rather than military. As a customary practice, the Cherokee People named the area where this event occurred in order to denote the event so others would remember. The Cherokees had named this place on the Riverbank, “Gakati’yi”, translated meaning “the place where they were set free”. Their sovereignty was returned spontaneously


The human race has been falling on its face

We are going at too fast a pace…

We could end up in a very awful place

It’s time…

We need to assess the way we deal with space

We allow negatives to fill our space

Change in prerogatives, change from derogative

The human race has been falling on its face

This will bring in harmony, love, peace, and grace


Happy & Healthy Adults     Prevention of Child Abuse     Anti-Aging


inner-directed, autonomous, liberated, unbound, spontaneous, unconditional, released, open, natural, generous, giving, bountiful, the best possible version of one’s self, sovereign

These are just a few concepts associated with the idea of being set free and healing. The above mentioned states of consciousness are what our clients tell us they encounter in our experiential programs and workshops. Our objective is to assist our clients in creating paradigm shifts to reach their personal and professional goals through uncommon learning experiences. Our collaborative Organization uses some of the following in our pursuit for healthy individuals: Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Gestalt Therapy, Past Life Therapy, and Primal Therapy. Our areas of interest are for the well-being of adults and children alike using Alternative Therapies as a possible resource.

 Thought: Give us this Day our Cleaner Air, Please Everyone, Show More Care, Prevention is Worth so much More than Repair, Denial Makes the Masses Behave so Debonair. W.G. Black, Ph.D., Founder

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