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The Secret Healing Codes of Our Mystic Anatomy and DNA



Where did we come from? Once a Soul descends (or ascends) the spiral staircase of DNA how does the Soul evolve and transform a single cell into a Self? Where does the Soul live in the body? Can the Soul heal the body? Can the Soul make the human body more God like and the Earth more heaven-like?

Turning to a science or medical book for answers to these questions often leads to a brick wall of arcane terminology. Philosophy books do not fully satisfy these questions either. Scriptures do not contain the entire answer. So where do we turn?



William Henry


In this  landmark workshop William Henry turns to myths as “time capsules” describing human anatomy and the means to release spiritual abilities.

Following the As Above. So Below formula, he reveals advanced ancient scientific knowledge about the Soul, the Self and the body (including DNA) encoded in myth.


In This Workshop You Will:

• Learn the ancient secrets of DNA.

• Contact a fountain of healing energy.

Reclaim your connection to your soul’s source.

• Reactivate lost abilities and degenerated spiritual organs.


William says the secrets of our mystic anatomy explains the perennial popularity of certain stories and why certain myths ‘hit home’. And why the more ancient the myth, the more often do parts of the human body play an explicit role.

Among the great masters whose hidden teachings reveal the secrets of mystic anatomy are Pythagoras, Jesus, Isis, and Ptah (pronounced PA-TAH), the Great Physician of ancient Egypt whose hieroglyph contained a double helix of DNA.



Ptah: the Great Physician



Ptah’s hieroglyph: A DNA double helix.


Among the most fundamental spiritual anatomy myths William presents are:

• How our kidney’s perform Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine every moment of our .

• How Jacob’s ladder to Heaven finds a fascinating parallel with the retina of the eye. The retina consists of ten layers. Nine have Latin medical names. The tenth is called ‘Jacob’s Layer’. Learn the spiritual function to this part of the eye.

• In another famous story Jacob saw God face to face at a place called Peniel. The pineal gland is considered the ‘god part’ of the brain. What coded message concerning the brain’s mysterious pineal gland lays concealed within this story.


Understanding these and other myths and scripture is an investigation of the human body’s healing consciousness. It opens the door for our healing abilities to emerge.

William believes it will take healers into a new dimension where they discover that the human body is both the temple of God and the Holy City at the apex of myth. Properly interpreting these myths reveals the secret of God Making.


Like you William Henry has spent years digesting and collating the secrets of the Soul, the Goddess, Alchemy.... etc etc etc. Let him offer you yet another angle.


Blessings be, If you are the hero who takes the journey.


Fri-Sat-Sun          $200.00


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