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Psychobiology Workshops I and II

Psychobiology of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing workshops I and II--a Spirit-Science synthesis for holistic health and healers. These workshops integrate ancient shamanic and contemporary healing approaches. Learn the powerful techniques of Hypno-Journeying? and a naturalistic healing approach . Meet your Power Animal and Spirit Guides. Experience chakra energy fields and learn about the many energy/information systems of the body. Retrieve soul fragments for yourself and your clients. Continuing education credit available for counselors, social workers, and nurses.

Atlanta, GA
Psychobiology I, Friday, 9/13
Psychobiology II, Saturday, 9/14

Philadelphia, PA
Psychobiology I, Friday, 9/20
Psychobiology II, Saturday, 9/21

Baltimore, MD
Psychobiology I, Friday, 9/27
Psychobiology II, Saturday, 9/28

Washington, DC
Psychobiology I, Friday, 10/4
Psychobiology II, Saturday, 10/5

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Come join us for a healing, empowering, and growth experience on Memorial Weekend 2003 at the famous Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, for "SpiritHeart: Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit, and Nature"--Empower yourself and facilitate others in finding their own personal path to empowerment. Drawing on contemporary adaptations of ancient shamanic healing practices and principles of psychobiology, psychoecology, and quantum physics, this workshop focuses on personal empowerment and healing.

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