Darrell G. Yardley, Ph.D.

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Darrell G. Yardley, Ph.D., teacher and author of WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit, and over 50 other articles in biology, sociology, spirituality, and counseling.  With a doctorate in zoology and dual masters in zoology and counseling, he has over 25 years to teach and research experience in molecular biology and genetics, and eight years of clinical counseling.  He is Professor Emeritus of Zoology of Clemson University, a National Certified Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, and a professional personal and spiritual coach.  Specializing in the psychobiology of ancient healing traditions, Darrell is certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy and energy release (breathwork) therapy.  He teaches meditation (Zen and insight) and has worked with indigenous healers in the United States and Mexico.

Read the inspirational, true-life story of one man's journey-- and learn about--

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"...This book is a tremendous catalyst, causing the readers to re-examine their life, decisions, and spiritual path. I know I did." --Michael Peter Langevin, Magical Blend magazine

"Darrell Yardley shares with us his challenging journey to insight and enlightenment. His style is engaging and conversational -- an easy read into a powerful subject. Thank you, Darrell, for putting yourself on the line and telling your open and honest story." --Alan Seale, author of On Becoming a 21st-Century Mystic: Pathways to Intuitive Living.

"A fantastic journey of spiritual transition and empowerment."--Diane Zimberoff, author of Breaking Free from the Victim Trap.

A Vision Quest on a Harley...

Spiritualism / Shamanism / Inspirational

Step through the door... from the three-dimensional world of science into the n-dimensional hyper-world of Spirit. On the other side of our everyday, ordinary reality lies another REALITY, the reality of Spirit, where past, present and future merge. Come, explore the world of Spirit that is always present but few can see...

An inspirational, true-life journey of personal empowerment and spiritual transformation. Join the author on his incredible personal and spiritual journey from the world of the scientist into the mystic worlds of Zen Buddhism and Native American spirituality. Travel with the author on the desert winds of South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. From firewalk to Mayan and American Indian sweat lodges, from Zen meditation halls and the martial arts to spiritual journeys into past lives and to the Valley of the Dead, this is a journey that combines the living of ancient teachings from East and West with modern science.


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