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WISDOMŪ Internet, WISDOMŪ Television and WISDOMŪ Radio - were created to respond to our country's booming appetite for information about personal growth, alternative medicine, social consciousness, spirituality, relationships and global issues.

Our champion for the WISDOMŪ family is Turner Vision founder/president Bill Turner, an altruistic, optimistic man who strongly believes in the universal laws of nature. Motivated by his own thirst for knowledge about how to better himself, he launched the three Turner Vision affiliates - the much-lauded WISDOMŪ Television, WISDOMŪ Radio and now WISDOMŪ Internet.

By following such positive principles, Turner Vision, Inc. has prospered since its founding in 1986, becoming one of the nation's leading satellite marketing companies and growing from 2 to 500-plus employees. Today, the forward-thinking, West Virginia-based company sells a full complement of TV channels to the C-Band satellite dish industry.



Airs on Saturday night one hour before the Art Bell show.  New interviews weekly.



The Allan Handelman Show is a nationally acclaimed Alternative Talk Radio program dealing with a wide range of subjects ranging from Rock 'n Roll to Alien Visitation to Government Conspiracy. Always informative, always entertaining, Allan's guests are experts in their fields. Whether that's Aerosmith or The Monroe Institute or Dannion Brinkley.

Warm up with The "X" files to get in the mood, and check out the show, every Sunday evening from 10PM to 1am  EST  Dannion is a regular guest on the Allan Handelman Show.  Allan can be heard in 8 states on 56 FM stations and the internet.  


Tony's broadcast career has been honed in the trenches of syndicated talk radio. His seven years behind the microphone has seen him hosting mornings, evenings, and most recently overnights. Tony has always been the host and producer of his many shows, taking great care to research, prepare and respond to the interest of his audience. As a broadcasting professional, Tony's keen interest has always been to create an atmosphere of community where his listeners and his guests have a platform to express themselves free of hatred. Although there may not always be agreement on the issues, providing a space of expression and tolerance is paramount to Tony.

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