Dear Defenders of the Faith,

           Recently, it has been brought to my attention that I never seem to impart any ‘good news’ in this column. So, here’s the good news: I write this column because I LOVE Y’ALL VERY MUCH!

           As Memorial Day comes and goes, we once again honor those who gave their lives to protect this great country. Let us not forget about those who survived those same battles, for they deserve our love and attention just as much. I ask that we take this day to commit a part of our lives to visiting veterans on a weekly or monthly basis. For I believe that this kind of proactive behavior on our part is Homeland Security in the deepest sense. And it all starts by celebrating our veterans as we simultaneously protect the safety of our elderly and our precious young.

           Well, now that I’ve made all the whiners happy, I’ll get on with my normal STUFF… ranting over death, healthcare, and taxes.



With the recent passing of President Bush’s tax cut, it gives us the chance to look at how very complicated and muddled our tax code is becoming. I say this due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult for us to determine if we owe the tax, why we owe the tax, and how we owe the tax. The President says that the purpose of this tax cut is to stimulate the economy. Now read this quote from John O. Fox in the Washington Post and decide whom you think the President is truly looking out for:


My favorite tax treat this year is President Bush’s controversial proposal to eliminate the corporate dividend tax. Here’s a real winner! It aims to redress the “wrong” of taxing corporate profits twice – once when they’re earned by the corporation and again when the stockholder gets them. And Congress is ready with the knife – the same Congress that refuses to eliminate a far more common double tax: the income tax we pay on the portion of our wages that goes to pay Social Security taxes. Apparently stockholders are more aggrieved by double taxation than American workers are.


Next, I want to share something that you may not have heard about in this week’s news. My friend, Brian Doman, sent this poignant story to me. A man in Austin, Texas by the name of Gene Chapman, began a death-fast on April 15, 2003. Mr. Chapman is a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, therefore, in the style of non-violent protest, Mr. Chapman decided that he would not eat until the IRS answered one simple question for him: “Where is my tax liability in the law?” Despite the fact that Mr. Chapman emailed this very question to the IRS 39 days ago, there still has been no clear, concise and definitive response received. Mr. Chapman wrote his local and state representatives looking for the answer to this questions as well. They in turn wrote letters to the IRS, and received responses, which also failed to cite any specific law that was enacted by congress creating the obligation to pay income taxes. Please take a look at Mr. Chapman’s website for all the details of this extraordinary saga (, then decide for yourself! I, myself, wage campaigns regarding the constitutionality of this issue and many others. It is amazing how one’s perspective is altered following a bunch of near-death experiences.



 On March 08, 2000, Executive Order 13147 was signed establishing, within the Department of Health and Humans Services, the formation of the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. The function of this commission is to provide a report to the President on the legislative and administrative recommendations for assuring that public policy maximizes the benefits to Americans of complementary and alternative medicine. This was to be accomplished in the following ways:


1)     education and training of health-care practitioners in complementary and alternative medicine

2)     coordinated research to increase knowledge about complementary and alternative medicine practices and products;

3)     the provision to health care professionals of reliable and useful information about complementary and alternative medicine that can be made readily accessible and understandable to the general public;

4)     guidance for appropriate access to and delivery of complementary and alternative medicine.


I believe that the conclusions of this commission, and the promise it holds, is the key to protecting our right and privilege to self-governed health alternatives. It is imperative that the President releases the findings and conclusions of this commission. However, it appears at this time that he is protecting the rights and wealth of the pharmaceutical companies instead of our right to health through the use of non-patented healthcare products. I strongly urge you to write your Congressperson as well as the President demanding that these findings be released to the general public forthwith.


“Last week a bill was introduced called the “Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S.722) in the U.S. Senate. It would significantly undermine many of the freedoms that American consumers of dietary supplements hold dear. This bill would subject nearly all vitamins, minerals, herbal products and other supplements to a level of scrutiny that is both unwarranted and unnecessary. The government must not be allowed to limit the freedom of choice of American consumers when it comes to their health.”

 This statement is one that I agree with completely. Please consider writing your Senator and ask that she/he vote ‘no’ on this bill. If you go to this link, National Nutritional Foods Association – Legislative Alerts and Updates

scroll all the way down and fill out your name and address. Your letter will be emailed to your Senator.


Now, for an even grander view of this conspiracy, go to under World Domination – Part II and read all about the Codex.  As you read this information, you will see clearly the way of the New World Order. The Codex is the basis of their attempts to control us via our health, and our concerns regarding the health of our families. And all this has been meticulously designed under the guise of caring about what is best for us. Yet in reality, it seems evident that the system is working to the lucrative advantage of the multinational conglomerates doing business in healthcare products and pharmaceuticals.



 Why is the White House being criticized for overly excessive secrecy? Congressional Republicans and Democrats are faulting the Bush administration for ‘not being forthcoming enough with investigations of September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” What is it that the White House is so afraid will be revealed? Did you know that the government appropriated $65 million dollars to find out what happened to the space shuttle, yet it only appropriated a mere $6 million dollars to find out the truth behind the governments failings before and after the attacks. What is wrong with this picture?  With 9/11 being the most horrendous act against the United States since Pearl Harbor, I believe that absolutely no stone should be left unturned in this search for truth. It was recently quoted that “…the administration has been engaged in a secrecy tussle with the leaders of a joint House-Senate intelligence inquiry that uncovered a series of missteps by the CIA and FBI prior to Sept. 11, 2001.” In response to this, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Gross, R-Fla, remarked that, “ There’s a lot of gratuitous classification going on.” Couple that with this quote from a White House spokesperson, “ the administration has cooperated with the joint congressional inquiry and the National Commission of Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. We remain committed to publicly disclosing as much as is consistent with our national security so that the American people can know what happened.” This truly sounds like a cover-up to me. What does it sound like to you?

 You know, everybody, we are living in such tumultuous times. And yet I think that much of the chaos is actually working for the highest good of all concerned, as it affords us the opportunities to sift through it all and come to brand new conclusions regarding what is real and what is not real.”
Okay, how ‘bout this for a happy ending?


With purpose,

Dannion Brinkley

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