To my Fellow Citizens in the Land of the Free,


          As the war in Iraq, which some of us champion and some of us abhor, continues to drag on, we must all confront the daily news that one more of ‘our own’ has perished on foreign soil. In light of this misfortune, prevailing per diem, I feel that we each must find a genuine, effective means of improving our empathy and understanding of their experience. Think for one moment of what must be truly occurring in the hearts and minds of our women and men who presently find themselves in harm’s way? What are their deepest dreams and  fears, and how are they sustaining entrenched in the uncertainty of war? In order to accomplish this empathetic understanding, I am recommending two books that I personally carry with me everywhere I travel: Stories from a Soldier’s HEART, compiled by Alice Gray and Chuck Holton and Chicken Soup for the Veteran Soul, by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen (Editor), Sidney R. Slagter (Editor).


          In reading and digesting the stories contained in these two excellent volumes, we can at least begin to connect with the inner struggles of our fighting elite. Very soon, I hope to deliver to you a list entitled, “Email a Veteran”. This will be a mailing list of all those veterans currently participating actively in foreign conflicts, who are available to correspond via email. They really need our support, guys. They need to know that we care and appreciate their efforts. Stay tuned for more information. I thank you for your love and concern.


With purpose,



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