Dannion Brinkley, wrote in his international bestseller Saved By The Light in Chapter 5 about the Boxes of Knowledge.  If you read the New York Times or USA Today, you will find the events in the Middle East is almost word for word from:  BOXES FOUR AND FIVE:



Boxes four and five were scenes from the Middle East, showing how this area of eternal strife would reach a boiling point.  Religion would play a large role in these problems, as would the economy.  A constant need for outside money fueled much of the anger and hatred that I saw in these boxes.  In the first of these boxes I saw two agreements taking place.  In the first, Israelis and Arabs were agreeing to something, but what was unclear to me.

The second accord was one that I could see in some detail.  Men were shaking hands and there was much talk about a new country.  Then I saw a collage of images: the River Jordan, a settlement from Israel that was spreading into Jordan, and a map on which the country of Jordan was changing color.  As I watched this puzzling collage unfold, I heard a Being speak telepathically to me and say that the country of Jordan would exist no more.  I did not hear the name of the new country.

This agreement was nothing more than a front by the Israelis to create a police force composed of Israelis and Arabs.  This was a very harsh police force, cruel and unyielding.  I saw them wearing blue-and silver uniforms and having a tight grip on the people of this region.  So tight was their grip, in fact, that world leaders became highly critical of Israel.  Many collaborators on both sides kept and eye on their own people and reported their activities to this police force.  They served to make everyone suspicious, causing trust in these societies to disappear.

I could see Israel becoming isolated from the rest of the world.  As things worsened, there were images of Israel preparing for war against other countries, including Russia and a Chinese-and-Arab consortium.  Jerusalem was somehow at the eye of this conflict, but I am not sure exactly how.  From newspaper headlines that appeared in the vision,  I could see that some incident in that holy city had served to trigger this war.

These visions revealed Israel as being spiritually hollow.  I had the sense of it being a country of strong government but weak morals.  Image after image came of Israelis reacting with hatred toward Palestinians and other Arabs, and I was steeped in the sense that these people as a nation hade forgotten God and were now driven by racial hatred.

The fifth box showed oil being used as a weapon to control the international economy.  I saw images of Mecca and then of the Saudi people.  While these images streamed before me, a telepathic voice said that oil production was being cut off to destroy America’s economy and to milk money from the world economy.  The price of oil was going up and up, said the voice, and Saudi Arabia was making an alliance with Syria and China.  I could see Arab and Oriental people shaking hands and making deals.. As these images came to me, I could sense money being given by the Saudis to Asian countries like North Korea, all in the hopes of destabilizing the economy of the Asian region.

I wondered where this alliance began, and I was able to see a close-up of Syrians and Chinese signing papers and shaking hands in a building that I knew was in Syria.  The date that came to me was in 1992.

Another date came to me-1993-and with it came images of Syrian and Chinese scientist working in laboratories to develop a missile that could deliver chemical and biological weapons.  Nuclear weapons were becoming things of the past, and these countries wanted to develop new weapons of destruction.

The boxes kept coming.


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