Everyone has asked,

When will Dannion be on the Art Bell Show again???

   It's...   Tonight * June 1 * 2-4 am EST!!
                       * * To Celebrate * * 

An Art Bell Special!

"Saved By The Light" and " At Peace In The Light
- Audio Cassettes
-     Reg. $17.00 each
Art Bell Special $13.95 each!  

Saved By The Light"  - Audio Cassette -     In 1975, after being electrocuted by a bolt of lightning, Dannion Brinkley was officially dead.  When he revived twenty-eight minutes later in a morgue, he had the story of a lifetime to tell.  A profoundly moving account of what happened to him during his near death experience.
Saved By The Light recounts that story - a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a "cathedral of knowledge" where thirteen angels shared with him 117 revelations of things to come, such as the Chernobyl accident and the Persian Gulf War.  95 of them have already come true.  And it unfolds the story of the spiritual transformation that changed his life.
Dramatic, exciting, and inspiring,  Saved By The Light provides us with an enthusiastic and revealing look at the fascinating mysteries of life -and death.

- Audio Cassettes -     Reg. $17.00 each
Art Bell Special $13.95 each!


An  Art Bell Special!

You've heard Robert Perala on Art Bell!
A First Time offer....    Robert Perala's new book  -


--Art Bell Special   $14.95  Plus $2.25 Shipping and handling!

"As you read this book, keep in mind the religious phrases, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," or "Do  unto others as they would do unto you." You will discover this is the true nature of the panoramic life review.   It's all just really you.
Hopefully, by the time you've finished this book, you too will see, as do I that life is a wonderful learning experience. "Death" is just another opportunity to excel and grow --a true cause for celebration." --Dannion Brinkley


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