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Dannion Brinkley, CIA Chairman Asks Americans To Honor Pearl Harbor Day By Visiting World War II Veterans


December 5, 2001 (Los Angeles, CA,) Dannion Brinkley, Chairman of the Board of Compassion in Action today asked that all Americans honor Pearl Harbor Day by visiting World War II veterans.  “The greatest honor we can give to our World War II veterans on the 60th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor is remember them through personal interaction.  Become a regular visitor to your local VA hospital or nursing home.  Become an active volunteer either through Compassion in Action – the Twilight Brigade or another of the Volunteer Service Organizations in your area.”

 On December 7, 1941, we lost 2,403 members of the armed services through the attacks at Pearl Harbor.  Every two days in this country that many World War II veterans die in VA facilities, nursing homes, and in private homes across the country, many with no one. 

 Sixty years since that day ‘that will live in infamy’ we have over 500,000 World War II veterans that we can not forget.  These men and women grew up in a Depression went off and fought a war, came home to became the mothers and fathers of 78 million baby boomers and worked to build the greatest industrialized nation in the world.  Tom Brokaw has called them ‘the Greatest Generation in the history of our country’ and I agree.  All too often we as a nation honor the dead while not preserving and honoring the living.  We must also remember those who made it back from war.  We participate in programs and parades and go to see movies about World War II as a way of celebrating.  The greatest way to show our gratitude for these heroes is to visit them.”  Brinkley stated.  

 Compassion in Action – The Twilight Brigade is dedicated to providing compassionate care to veterans both within Veterans’ facilities and in the community.  Brinkley added, “I am pleased that in four short years we have moved from 4 volunteers to over 4,000.  Compassion in Action already has volunteers serving in VA facilities in 14 cities.  Last year our volunteers logged over 27,000 hours at the bedside. 

 Compassion in Action is working to provide trained volunteers and community and professional education on end of life care.  We have chapters developed or in development in 20 cities across the country.  It is my dream one day to see chapters of Compassion in Action in every city in which there is a VA facility.  In doing this, we will be able to work in partnership with the VA to insure that no veteran dies alone. 

 In the last few years there has been an increased recognition in the medical community, at the VA, and with our political leaders that end of life care can and should improve.  Strom Thurman and Robert and Elizabeth Dole are among those leaders who are making a difference.  Compassion in Action and its Twilight Brigade is dedicated to honoring all our veterans, especially our World War II veterans, through service. 

 Please visit and become an active volunteer in the VA system.  It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  And it is the best way Americans can show that we appreciate the love, loyalty, honor, and sacrifice these brave men and women have given to this great nation.  The heart of the Veterans Administration is the volunteer.  We need to remember the veteran.  The Veterans were there when we needed them, 60 years later these veterans need us, please show them you care.” 

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