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Dianne J. Moore  -- author of  A MAZE OF GRACE,  Dianne is also a social worker, and spiritual visionary who teaches people how to build on their positive twelve powers.  These inherent strengths include attributes, such as, courage, creativity, faith and intuition.  Embedded in rich autobiographical narrative, Moore examines the twelve positive powers at the heart of any spiritual path, sharing experiences from her own healing journey.  Some of the stories offer comfort and inspiration.  Others are brutally honest about her imperfections.  All offer the reader guidance on how to enhance his or her spiritual strengths to meet any challenge.


Moore, who graduated from Aquinas College, was previously a social worker with a clientele that ranged from abused children to those in their golden years.  She has written numerous articles and booklets to assist personal healing and self-improvement. 

Dianne is a member of The American Society of Journalists and Authors, Arizona Book Publishers Association, and an affiliate member of the American Psychological Association.

Dianne J. Moore's new book A MAZE OF GRACE: Claiming Your Twelve Powers  Tells How to Turn A Maze of Limitation into A Life of Amazement. The book and the lecture draw on positive psychology, A Course in Miracles, New Thought and personal essays from the author's healing journey, all of which teach you how to:

Dianne believes love is the power that repairs everything.  "Love is not something we get from someone else." she explains. "Love is our state of being, something we give to each other.

About Dianne's Workshops!

If you have been struggling to find both power and peace in your life, then this is the book and the workshop for you. Learn how to: 

The Power to Make It Happen is a series of  power workshops and lectures that teach you how to unleash extraordinary innate powers such as love, wisdom, joy and understanding.   Heal past hurts by turning the worst of times into the best of times.  Choose courage over the role of victim. Create your reality by directing your thoughts.  Focus on your strengths and how to nurture them Improve physical, emotional and spiritual health.   Develop love and oneness for yourself and all creation Draw both simple and abundant good into your life .

Power begins within. When you learn how to transform your inner world, outer conditions change.  This book and workshop will give you mastery over daily events by learning how to activate your twelve, divine states of consciousness bestowed on you at birth. 

This book and workshop will show you how to experience here and now the kind of glorious, engaged life you were created to live. And it will appeal to those who want to take a fresh look at their oneness with the Universe, and how that universality replaces conflict with contentment.

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