Vision Quest with CHIEF SONNE REYNA

Aiken, SC    -    Oct. 10-13, 2003

VISION QUEST is a ancient North American indigenous Rite of Passage for Women and Men.  Vision Quest serves as a powerful personal-self renewal of our natural relationships with the supernatural worlds. This traditional two day solitary ceremony enables Us to fully intention, request and receive with gratitude appropriate wisdom, empowerment and Blessing - for full realization of our Life purpose and betterment of Human Society.

This ceremonie will be conducted Oct. 10-13, 2003 on 1,000+ acre in Aiken, S.C.,  by Chief Sonne Reyna of the Yaqui-Coahuilteka Nations in North America.  A Chief in the North American Sun Dance Society, Chief Reyna shares these ceremonies with the Human Race to help modern humanity Balance Itself with the Natural-Supernatural worlds.  There will be short talks, meditation and drumming by Dr. Darrell Yardley, Robert Perala and Tricia McCannon
Preparations: we set up camp on Oct. 10  in wilderness area. bring tobacco for Chief Reyna. Bring sleeping bag.  Tents and food will be provided. Toilets and showers will be provided. Vision Quest participants:  Bring towels for Temaskal Sweatlodge. women bring long cotton dress. men bring running shorts. you will spend two days two nights isolated in nature, bring a blanket. no food.  We will enjoy a ceremonial feast (southern style) at the conclusion of ceremonies.

Requests: To and from airport - Augusta, Ga. transportation provided.  Continental, Delta, US Air are the three airlines available.  For airline tickets call:  Petra Cox at Journey Travel - Toll Free 800-726-0051 Hours M-F 830am-500p   Thurs. and Tue. are the two cheapest days to fly!!

Donation of: $225 US per participant.   Proceeds benefit Earthschildren Cultural Organization (ECCO


October 24 Friday  8pm orientation and preparations. bring gift to chief reyna and tobacco, sage, cedar, sweetgrass.  please reference the description of vision quest.  
Oct 25 sat Vision Quest - no food no water. medical exemptions. Early morning: Honored moon women will be placed in moon lodge for moon lodge vision quest and prayer offerings. Other women and men enter temaskal  (womb of earth sky) sweatlodge with prayer offerings. for temaskal, women wear long cotton tee shirt dress and bring towel. men wear running shorts and bring towel. after the temaskal participants are placed in their solitary spot in the wilderness for 1 day and 1 night. you are allowed to take a blanket or sleeping bag.   
October 26 sunday early afternoon vision questers are brought back from their solitary spots and re enter temaskal for ceremonial prayers. after temaskal a ceremonial meal will be shared to conclude the ceremony.  Talking Circle after ceremonial meal to share our hearts and minds.

Checklist for Temaskal and Moon Lodge    
For altar: large deer horns, deer meat, corn, squash, fresh berries,  needles and razors for flesh offerings metal bucket with metal ladel for poring water,  two small axes, shovels, rakes, sledge hammer, pick, strong cotton cord to tie willow or pine saplings for temaskal and moon lodge, 80 sandstone rocks from wilderness (size of mans head) firewood to keep ceremonial fire burning from sat am to sun early afternoon, several blankets and natural loth canvas to cover temaskall lodge.   Eight (8) colors:  red, yellow, white, black, brown, green, blue, purple cotton cloth & red string ceremonial helpers: firekeepers


USA: (831)623-2379 - PO BOX 1388, SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA 95045

EMAIL  Chief Sonne Reyne:

For registration email:   Mel   Only first 40 applicants allowed!

Coming in 2004 DEER DANCE in Aiken, S.C.

DEER DANCE is a ancient Rite of Passage for Women and Men.  Indigenous to ancient Europe and North America, Deer Dance serves as a powerful societal-group renewal of our natural relationships with the supernatural worlds. This traditional two day dance ceremony enables us to intention our gratitude to the natural order for Sustenance and Life. It enables Us to request and receive appropriate wisdom, empowerment and Blessing for Balancing Women and Men, for full realization of our Life purpose and betterment of Human Society.

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