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  Britta Marbs

Personal Development Speaker


Be the leader of your own life!!  Britta Marbs is a speaker, poet and motivator.  Britta is also the writer of the popular "poets people” which has been published at the National Library of Poetry in the book “Memories of Tomorrow” and  “A Starlit Night” and she is also on the tape set “Sounds of Poetry”.


Britta`s story began in 1989/1990 when she came from Germany to this country at a young age, not knowing anyone and not having a lot of money but open-minded, curious, adventurous and not forgetting “The Dream”. The Dream of making a difference in this world.

 The foundation of Britta`s phenomenal success has been based on several speakers who are masters of there own lives. One very big impact on her was Anthony Robbins, whom she has been working with very closely since 1990. In 1996 she was flown in Kona, Hawaii to work one-on-one up to 60 German people who were attending an international seminar.

 In her talks Britta shares with her audience the startling and intelligent wisdom of the speakers she has learned from. Self-discovering and spiritual principles are shared throughout her work. Britta`s source of information also comes from the 7 years of living alone in this country, half way around the world from home. Surviving, learning and understanding. She has travelled to Maryland, Dallas, Denver, Can Cun, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii and other cities to learn from leading speakers in the area of personal development. Since 1997 she has lived back in Germany und used all her skills. She is owner of a very successful Call-Center.

She has helped lots of people in Germany and she is now back on tour in the USA.

We believe you'll agree,  Britta`s workshop is well worth attending and much wisdom will be gained.

 People all over have enjoyed Britta`s charming and witty style as she presents this incredible knowledge of hers to the public. One thing is for sure, Britta is committed to bringing this information out to be available to anybody and to making a difference in this world.

  For tour information in the USA or if you would like to book a public appearance with Britta

Contact LightStream or you may call Britta in Germany

Phone: 011-49- 40- 644 155 53 

FAX:    011-49- 40- 644 225-41 



 Britta Marbs is available for workshops, lectures and seminars               



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