Angel and Eric Brodsky

Angel and Eric Brodsky are the founders of The Universal One Foundation and Universal One Publishers.   The companies provide services and products that transform the Universe with Love.  Angel is a renowned inspirational speaker, trainer, hypnotherapist, mediator and much more.  She has created the wonderful cd entitled, “Meditations With An Angel”.  Eric Brodsky is the author of the book and cd trilogy “Poetry of the Angels”. Both have spent years traveling the world offering inspirational guidance and hugs (from the "Booth of Hugs").  The words of inspiration, “healing” workshops and sessions, soul readings, and so much more are a part of Eric and Angel's Divine, Universal Messages that are always presented in Unconditional Love.

The Messages that come through Angel and Eric are "Inspired".  As this is the case, they are Divinely Guided to cater to the group that is present.  The presentations of these two allows people to not only hear about love and how it is applied to "real life", but it is experienced by all as the Unconditional Love fills presentation halls.  All of the guidance shared is never for telling people how to live their lives,  but to raise each person’s vibration so they can be more “in their heart”, to receive “answers” for their own unique Path.




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