Angelspeake Why War? By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Barbara Mark  is the older sister with three grown children and seven grandchildren! "I feel like I'm still 35, and plan on staying that way. Life is too much fun to get old and creaky." Barbara says she was raised in Iowa, married in Wyoming and is living in San Diego. "It is really my perfect place. No snow, lots of ocean, and every kind of restaurant you can imagine. The angels knew what they were doing when they led me here. The finest part of this work is that I get to work with my sister Trudy. Trudy is all the things I like best in a friend. She is organized, fun to be with, laughs with her whole self, hates to cook , and has a down-to-earth accepting wisdom that cuts right to the root of a problem PLUS she buys me the best angel presents ever! We are true Spiritual Buddies!"       email Barbara
 FAX : 858-279-2855

Trudy Griswold - has three college students in the family! Following in the family tradition of teaching, her two daughters are in the northeast studying to be high school and special education teachers. Husband, Bob is getting his Masters in Psychology as well as teaching 6th grade inner-city elementary school.  The teaching angels are very busy in this family! "I've always believed that Barbara and I are absolutely perfect for our diverse teaching locations. Since I am more left brained of the two of us, I love helping people overcome their skepticism.  Barbara has a wonderful sense of humor and always finds the  fun in every situation. Our different personalities and styles work the best when we get together four or five times a year to write or to do seminars. There is nothing better than having a sister for a best friend!"   email Trudy
FAX : 203-319-9301

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