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The Bay Area UFO Expo will be available LIVE online -- in realtime!! Just $9.95 UFOCOMMUNITY.COM is proud to announce the world's largest UFO website has been launched--we offer more video, more pictures, more documents and more content than any other site. You can register now to view the Bay Area UFO Expo online by visiting ufocommunity.com. From there you can send us an email, and you will be contacted as soon as we begin selling admission to the LIVE webcast of the Bay Area UFO Expo 2000! For more information on this groundbreaking website see the current edition of UFO Magazine. 

Mike Siegel   Coast To Coast AM Host 

The Bay Area UFO Expo is pleased to announce that Mike Siegel has signed on as the guest of honor for our Saturday night 'meet your speaker' party. Mike Siegel, a veteran talk radio host for over 25 years, has worked in many of the major media markets throughout the United States; including New York, Boston, Miami, Seattle, as well as freelance work in San Francisco, Cleveland and the District of Columbia. Mike's broad-range expertise encompasses a diverse background which greatly enriches his audience's listening experience. He is able to draw in, and hold onto an audience via his 'tell-it-like-it-is' style which pulls from his diverse array of experiences. Mike's full bio is truly multifaceted. For more information on Mike's Bay Area appearance and the meet your speaker party please visit our tickets page. Seating for this special event is limited, so call Victoria at (408) 266-4749 and sign up today! coasttocoastam 

Robert Perala Your Host for the weekend, Robert Perala, Lecturer, Author: Robert is the author of The Divine Blueprint, Roadmap for the New Millennium. His encounter with extraterrestrials at age 21 had led him into 22 years of research in the study of UFOšs, Spirituality, metaphysics, personal growth and the Earth sciences. He is currently in pre-production on The Divine Blueprint: The Motion Picture in addition to his upcoming new book The Divine Architect slated for an early 2001 release.  Robert has recently completed a sold out tour across the US in 1999 and has appeared on Extra, The A&E Channel and Strange Universe, in addition to doing over 180 radio shows including the world wide syndicated, Coast to Coast. In honor of his contribution to society, The American Biographical Institute bestowed on him their prestigious, Distinguished Leadership Award. With a large background in television and radio, Robert once again brings his charming and witty style as host of this years 2nd Annual Bay Area UFO Expo. unitedlight.com

. Ruben J. Uriarte to co-host Bay Area UFO Expo, Ruben is State Director for the Northern California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and State Director of Crop Circle Phenomenon Research International. He is also the Research Expedition Director for Beyond Boundaries,Inc.,a company specializing in leading small groups of people interested in the UFO Phenomena to areas of the world where UFO sightings and experiences are frequent. He has traveled annually to England over the past 6 years and has photographed many crop circle formations. 

Bay Area UFO Expo 2000 Speaker lineup
Presenters are listed alphabetically by last name

Dr. Norman Bergrun author of "Ringmakers of Saturn", is a highly respected scientist, engineer and author. Bergrun has made a detailed study of photographic data sent back from the planet Saturn by Voyagers I and II spacecraft missions. Bergrun has concluded that these NASA photos demonstrate that the rings of Saturn are the result of EMV's (electromagnetic vehicles) spewing emissions along the length of gigantic cylindrical bodies while orbiting the sixth planet from the sun and are in part, responsible for Saturn's ring system. Dr. Bergrun was a research scientist for 12 years with NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) predecessor of Ames Research Center, NASA and has inspected over 100,000 images. Bergrun's just completed, "Earth's Moon...Why We Never Returned!" contains unsettling discoveries from our Apollo Missions. Bergrun holds a BS degree from Cornell University, an LLB from LaSalle University Extension, and a DSc (Hon) from World University. ringmakersofsaturn.com
*45 minute lecture: Lunar Life Forms Do Exist Generally assumed is that life forms, if they exist elsewhere other than Earth, will be microscopic of character. This lecture will demonstrate that the present assumption is erroneous. Using NASA images, evidence will be presented to show that life forms do exist on Earth's moon! Some life forms are small, reminiscent in appearance to those found on Earth's ocean floors, but without the
ocean, while others appear as quite large "growths!" Just as some life forms on Earth are capable of creating light, such as the firefly, luminescence has also been found to take place with some life forms that exist on our moon. It is also evident that some life forms, as on Earth, use camouflage to adapt to their surroundings providing the ability to "hide in plain sight!" Dr. Bergrun's workshop will discuss the apparent source of these life forms, and provide an in-depth treatment of the related phenomenon of EMV's (electromagnetic vehicles) first identified at Saturn. The lecture and workshop are important ones ....don't miss them! 
*90 minute workshop: EMVs 101: Solar- and Lunar-System Connection--Beyond Einstein! This workshop will be a continuation of the lecture dealing with lunar life forms (LLFs) and their connection with powerful electromagnetic vehicles (EMVs), the subject of Dr. Bergrun's book Ringmakers of Saturn. Fascinating information regarding the presence of EMVs at Earth's moon and elsewhere in our solar system will be presented along with how they affect Earth's weather. Bergrun will discuss his discovery of these enormous craft; and through a presentation aided with graphics, models and NASA imagery, you will learn about their physical properties and characteristics. Aided by Voyager images, you also will see the mechanism by which Saturn's rings are formed.  As Bergrun has done in his past presentations over the years, he will continue to step beyond Einstein's limitations of flight speeds exceeding the speed of light! This workshop promises to be full of enlightening discoveries and their proof of existence. Dr. Bergrun plans a Question and Answer period; and you are encouraged to join in and get solid answers to your relevant questions. For those wanting evidence, this is a MUST attend! 

Angela Browne-Miller, Ph.D. has worked in educational, clinical and other settings on an individual and group basis with thousands of persons exploring and experiencing the challenges and rewards of inter-dimensional travel, inter-dimensional healing, inter-dimensional politics, and
inter-dimensional intelligence. She has weathered the storms of public scrutiny, explaining her ground-breaking work in a variety of settings including on the stand in public Court where an attempt was made to discredit her as a witness based upon her work in this area and her open acknowledgement of the existence of life in other dimensions. She has transmitted work into this dimension from Albert Einstein and Karl Marx, as well as from the Freeborn Triton Wazine sisterhood who she represents here. Angela has been seen and heard in the national and international media on and Oprah, National Public Radio, UFO Magazine, The International Internet Roundtable, Art Bell, Family Circle Magazine, and more; She is the Director of Underground Rising, an organization dedicated to the positive & conscious evolution of humanity; www.metaterra-link.com
*45 minute lecture: Freeing Humanity From An Eternity Of Cosmic Bondage: An Interdimensional Revolution--Teachings of the Wazine Seven In this lecture, Dr. Angela Browne-Miller will read from her radical and highly controversial new book, FORGING THE HUMAN LIBERATION FRONT: "What happens when it dawns upon the animals in the zoo that they need not be captives? What happens when their consciousnesses evolve to the point that they recognize their captivity for what it is, that they see their captors for who they are, that they are able to identify from among those holding the keys to their liberation extra-dimensional allies ready to help? THE ANIMALS LIVING IN CAPTIVITY WAKE UP. THEY WANT LIBERATION. THEY LEARN TO DISCERN -- TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALLIES AND CAPTORS.  THEY REACH FOR THE KEYS. THEY TAKE CONTROL OF --- THEY DRIVE -- THEIR OWN EVOLUTION. A REVOLUTION WAGED WITH THE SWORDS OF CONSCIOUS LIGHT AND AN OVERTHROW OF THE HIERARCHY OF CONTROL BEGINS." Based upon a lifetime of contact with a variety of presences beyond this so-called "plane," and her membership in a radical interdimensional liberation group, Browne-Miller discusses the liberation of humanity as a concept, a process, and a movement already in place. She explains the role of UNDERGROUND RISING in this movement and how she was trained to do this work form the time she was a child and before. She speaks openly about the nomadic Wazine Seven of the Freeborn Tritons and shares their keys to survival in and out of this dimension as they have given them to her and to her comrades to download and disseminate on Earth. Browne-Miller also touches on the detection of control mechanisms including obedience chips, mesmerismic bands, interdimensional psychotronic control, and their application in extra-dimensional engagement in human politics, economics, social structure and more. Alliances, generally subconscious, made by persons in positions of power on Earth with extradimensional efforts to keep humanity from evolving toward liberation are also addressed. 
*90 minute workshop: Implant Removal and the Death of Our Programming: "Go conscious please." Based upon her many years of clinical work in the fields of abduction, addiction, altered states, autism, cognition, contact, conscious healing, intelligence, psychosomatic illness, religious experience, shizophrenia, and other matters of the mind and soul, Dr. Browne-Miller has developed a theory which says that implantation into the psyche of conditions and pre-conditions is not only possible but taking place regularly. In fact, the human species was wired to be highly programmable, and even highly extinguishable should its utility no longer be present. Many geneticists find themselves encountering evidence of this wiring, however most scientists and most lay persons would rather look away from this truth. Browne-Miller writes in her forthcoming book, REWIRE YOURSELF, that "You can break free of programming which has held you captive -- stuck in disempowering habits, addictions, diseases, mind sets, societal roles, life programs, and more. Medicine and science as well as political leaders must address the effects of inter-dimensional influence on the workings of the human mind and body to heal individuals and to save the species. People such as those who find their way into this sort of training in implant removal become agents of change -- change in their own minds, bodies and souls -- and change in the species. Drawing upon teachings Browne-Miller reports in several of her books including HOW TO DIE AND SURVIVE: KEYS TO INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, this workshop is instructional, experiential, and moving. It can be healing and life changing on many levels. And most importantly, it can help to arm the human species for the next step in its evolution and the necessary revolution in its consciousness. 

PAUL DAVIDS, Hollywood producer, writer and director, as well as author of numerous books, is best known as executive producer and co-writer of the Showtime film, ROSWELL, starring Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen and Dwight Yoakam. The movie was nominated for a Golden Globe Award as Best TV Motion Picture of 1994. Davids is a writer and member of the editorial staff of UFO magazine, and he writes two very popular columns for AlienZoo.com:
FLYING SAUCERS OVER HOLLYWOOD! and TODAY IN UFO HISTORY. He has produced several informational UFO videos, including DOWN IN ROSWELL, REPLY TO THE AIR FORCE REPORT ON THE ROSWELL INCIDENT, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: PROOF OF HUMAN CONTACT WITH EXTRATERRESTRIALS and GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY UFO BRIEFING FOR THE WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE PIONEERS (a presentation he made for the military which won an EBE Award in 1986.) The Roswell UFO Museum features The Paul Davids Exhibit, including memorabilia of the movie, ROSWELL). His other feature films include STARRY NIGHT (1999) and TIMOTHY LEARY'S DEAD (1997), which played in San Francisco and San Jose. He has co-written six STAR WARS books for Lucasfilm, published by Bantam Books, and Barnes and Noble. Paul Davids began his Hollywood career as a segment producer for F. Lee Bailey's syndicated TV show "LIE DETECTOR" and then as a producer and writer of "THE TRANSFORMERS" animated TV series. His interest in ufology began when he was an eye-witness to a daylight UFO 1987 that has been written up in several magazines, including CUFOS INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER. 
*45 minute lecture: UFOLOGY VS. HOLLYWOOD - COOPERATION OR WARFARE? A recent detailed poll of major ufologists found many attacking Hollywood for exploiting and sensationalizing the UFO issue. Is the accusation fair? Has handling of the UFO issue on TV and in motion pictures helped or hurt the efforts of serious, scientific ufology? How has it influenced public attitudes and beliefs? Have UFO witnesses and experiencers received fair or biased treatment in media dramas and information shows? Paul Davids will examine the "hidden Hollywood history" of UFOs, giving a historical overview that covers half a century, while considering whether the motion picture industry has been used to spread disinformation about UFO's and ET's -- or whether it has helped open our eyes. Have any filmmakers and TV producers been motivated by a desire to "get the truth out"?  Davids will offer his own experience as executive producer and co-writer of the now-classic Showtime film, "ROSWELL," while showing how in the 1990's the Roswell Incident became the pivotal "Rosetta Stone" of ufology, as well as the equivalent of an all-out ideological war. 
*90 minute workshop: UFOLOGY AND THE SEARCH FOR "THE TRUTH" - HOW CAN WE SEPARATE FACT, FICTION AND SPIN? Ufology keeps changing at warp speed.  One day Roswell is a crashed spaceship and ET bodies, the next it's a Mogul balloon and crash dummies. One morning MJ-12 is a treasure trove of genuine classified documents, the next afternoon it's a bogus scam. Was Col. Philip Corso a whistleblower or liar? Were the Phoenix lights caused by an ET spaceship or flares or none of the above? How can you separate the honest reports from what's bogus - and how do you weed out the truly insidious stuff that springs out of Pandora's media box like a computer virus that wants to eat up your hard drive for lunch and gobble your mind for desert? The public is being spun in a vast media game that seems designed to confuse, distort, inflate, deflate, baffle, frighten and leave us numb in our personal search for growth and discovery. How do we sort it all out and keep our sanity? And who, if anyone, should we believe - and why should we? Paul Davids brings to his search for "The Truth" the same iconoclastic insights and biting humor that have made his AlienZoo.com columns so popular (FLYING SAUCERS OVER HOLLYWOOD and TODAY IN UFO HISTORY). Above all, he tries to sort it all out and make sense of ufology as only the Executive Producer of the Kyle MacLachlan / Martin Sheen movie of ROSWELL could do. 

Ian Christopher  Independent Researcher/Director Ian Christopher has spent the last three decades obtaining and analyzing hidden and suppressed information in such diverse fields as science, medicine, politics, economics and law.  He founded the Mariposa-Pacific Research Institute in Palo Alto, California to provide important findings to other researchers, authors and speakers. His interest in the Crop Circle Phenomenon prompted Ian to analyze the results obtained from years of investigations and studies of the mysterious formations in England. Ian wrote, produced and directed the world's first all new, all digital, full motion Crop Circle Documentary,
"Something Wonderful Has Happened...But It Was Not In The News!" This remarkable program is the most unique and artistic treatment to date, showcasing the Circle Maker's Art. (click the crop circle for full size image) cropcircleconnector.com
*45 minute lecture: Something Wonderful Has Happened...But it Was Not in the News! During production of the worlds first all digital Crop Circle documentary last summer, Director Ian Christopher made several startling discoveries that define the importance of Crop Circle research worldwide. These discoveries not only shed light on the government's role in keeping the Crop Circle story out of prime time network news, but also add profound new insight into the 'Interactive Intelligence' behind the Phenomenon!  Ian will recap the historic 1999 English Crop Circle Season as a precursor to this year's phenomenal formations. He will illustrate his lecture with all digital, full-motion video footage, providing an exciting 'behind-the-scenes' virtual experience for the audience. 
*90 minute workshop: World Premiere Presentation: The Year 2000 English Crop Circle Season! A Sneak Preview of the first Crop Circle Season of the New Millennium. 
Join us for the World Premiere of the amazing new crop formations from this year's spectacular Crop Circle season in England. As an expo exclusive, Ian Christopher of the Mariposa-Pacific Research Institute, presents all new, all digital, full-motion aerial and ground video footage taken by award winning videographer Peter Sorensen. This never before seen footage is part of a new documentary currently under production by the
Institute. Our special 'sneak preview screening' will allow our audience to be the first to witness this years historic new formations in their full glory - on a big screen - as they were meant to be seen! Independent Researcher, Producer/Director, Ian Christopher will discuss the significance of important new discoveries and offer his analysis and observations on this first crop circle season of the new millennium - which was not in the news! He will address the ramifications that this revelatory information may have on our society as we begin the 21st century. 

Robert Dean has been engaged in the field of UFO research for the last 40 years. He began this research on active duty in the US ARMY where he served for 27 years. Additionally, from 1963 to 1967 he served at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe ( SHAPE ), NATO as an intelligence analyst with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. It was while he was stationed at SHAPE that Robert's interest in UFOs first started. One night, while on duty, Robert removed a file from SHAPE's security vault called "The Assessment"; An Evaluation of Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe". This file was given the highest security classification, COSMIC TOP SECRET. It retains that security classification to this day. The contents of this file opened Robert's eyes to the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. He has, since reading "The Assessment", dedicated his life to one goal: Bringing to light the true facts surrounding the UFO phenomenon and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. To this end, Robert's current projects are directed toward gaining immunity for ex-military personnel (who may shed some light on the UFO issue), enabling them to testify before a Congressional Hearing without fear of losing their pensions or of prosecution.
*45 minute lecture: The Time Has Come - Our Time Has Come As we bring to a close the 20th century, we face not only a new century but also the beginning of a new millennium, and truly the beginning of a new age. We are about to learn that we, as a species, are not alone and have never been alone, and that simple fact will literally shock us into a new way of understanding who we are and what we are. Tolerance, patience, and respect for all of the infinite varieties of the human manifestation must come from our hearts. The quality of love is the most potent strength we have. Others are watching us. Our beautiful, delicate planet and the source of our very existence are in danger. Mankind must grow, or die! 
*90 minute workshop: 10,000 Years of Human History-10,000 Years of Extraterrestrial Relationship We are going to be forced to learn what we really are and who we really are as a race and a species. A new paradigm is being forced upon mankind and this will not be a pleasant experience for many. The impact of being confronted with undeniable proof of extraterrestrial and multidimensional intelligence will trigger a psychic
shock beyond anything human beings have ever experienced. But all is not bad news-there is hopeful and reassuring evidence that we can understand our place in the infinite universe filled with intelligence and light. Lets look at the overview of time...

Jim Dilettoso is one of the best known figures in UFO Research. For over 20 years he has been recognized as one of the leading analysts of UFO Pictures and Video. He has appeared on over 200 TV Broadcasts, including Sightings, Discovery, A&E, Disney, MTV, CNN. He is known in the UFO community as an innovative researcher and effective communicator. Never without   controversy, his work on the Billy Meier case, the Phoenix Lights, and Mexico City UFOs have raised the visibility of UFOs into the mainstream. In his other life, at Village Labs, Jim works in Image Processing, Special Effects and Super Computers. He has worked with NASA, Allied-Signal and the Moody Blues. He also creates the Mission Control for alienzoo.com. contact villagelabs.com   Arizona. villagelabs.com 
*45 minute lecture: The Great UFO Picture Show Presenting 199 of the best photographs and videos of UFOs from Jim's collection. With 33 never before seen photos from USSR, China, Mexico, Switzerland, and NASA. Plus 3 sounds of UFOs from Tibet, Switzerland, and San Francisco that have ben computer enhanced to clearly hear the pulsation and ELF sound waves. Animation and simulation of "The Phoenix Lights"; in flight and re-creation of the giant triangle ships 200 minute flight through Arizona and encounter with F-15 fighter jets from the pilots point of view. A real treat in history and info-tainment. 
*90 minute workshop: Computers and UFO Research How to use computers in UFO investigations. Complete hands-on and demonstrations. How to Test Pictures and Video.  How to use the Internet to conduct UFO research. The top 100 UFO Internet sites will be illustrated. How to cross-correlate data between different Internet sites. Advanced use of Search Engines. How to get at the Black Vaults and Secret files. How to conduct background checks on witnesses and investigators. Hardware, software, contacts and URLs- all will be revealed. Plus- filtering information on the Internet where Truth and Fiction and Slander are intertwined. A little bit history, a little bit visionary, and a little bit twisted. Instant-information and visual-gratification junkies welcome.

Stanton Friedman Nuclear Physicist, Lecturer, Author.  Stanton T. Friedman worked for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW, Areojet General Nucleonics and McDonnell Douglas on such advanced, highly classified - eventually canceled - projects as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets and nuclear power plants for space. He is the original civilian investigator of The Roswell Incident, co-authored Crash at Corona, and instigated the Unsolved Mysteries Roswell program. He was heavily involved in both the 1979 documentaries "UFOs Are Real"; and the 1993, '96 videos "Flying Saucers Are Real". TOP SECRET/MAGIC (his explosive book about the Majestic 12 group), established in 1947 by President Truman to deal with crashed saucers, was published in 1996 and includes classified documents never before published. Stanton takes a clear cut unambiguous stand that SOME UFOs are alien spacecraft and that the subject of flying saucers represents a kind of Cosmic Watergate, that none of the anti-UFO arguments stand up, and that we are dealing with the biggest story of the millennium.
*45 minute lecture: Deceit in Ufology is strewn with deceit provided by government agencies including the CIA, the NSA, the USAF and UFO debunkers such as Philip Klass, Joe Nickell, Kal Korff. False credentials have been claimed by Dan Fry, Frank Stranges, Bob Lazar and Michael Wolf Kruvant. Television documentaries have been loaded with deceit as have been statements by SETI Cultists such as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. The NY Times, Washington post, LA Times and even SCIENCE have all published deceitful claims. Many pro-UFO people are gullible in accepting unverified claims. Many anti-UFO people have blindly accepted debunker deceit. We need to validate, verify, and enlarge our gray baskets. vjenterprises.com 
*90 minute workshop: Roswell and MJ-12 in 2000 A great deal has been written about the Roswell Incident and the MJ-12 documents since the 1997 update of Crash at Corona:  The Definitive Story of the Roswell Incident: and the publications of my 1996 Book TOP SECRET/MAJIC. New Roswell Witnesses have made claims as have Roswell debunkers.  A host of "new" MJ-12 documents have been published, many of which I will show are fraudulent emulation of real documents. There is also new evidence from the General Accounting Office about one of the early documents pointing towards legitimacy.  Considering the great importance of the recovery of crashed saucers and alien bodies, and that if the early MJ-12 documents are genuine, they represent the most important classified documents leaked to the American public, it is time to bring the story up to date. 

Peter A. Gersten Attorney and Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. Admitted to practice law in the states of New York and Arizona. Formerly engaged in the practice of criminal law in New York City for over 20 years both as a prosecutor and criminal defense trial attorney. Chief trial counsel in over 100 major felony cases. Presently Executive Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), a non-profit Arizona activist organization which believes that this planet, and the people on it, are in contact with a non-human form of intelligence. CAUS believes that the people have an absolute and unconditional right to know about this contact and is against all secrecy surrounding it. Peter has represented plaintifs in a variety of UFO and Freedom of Information Act related cases including the now famous Phoenix Lights case. cause.org 
*45 minute lecture: The Flying Triangle Lands in Federal Court The background, history, legal arguments; judge's conclusions and pending appeal in the case of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v. Department of Defense involving information about the Flying Triangles that have been seen in our skies over the last 20 years.
*90 minute workshop: Programming of the ET Hypothesis Presentation will be about the fifty year programming to have us believe that first contact with extraterrestrials is inevitable. The various UFO events in each of the last five decades from the Roswell crash to the Jonathan Reed encounter will be analyzed.

James Gilliland  After a near death experience, James began a spiritual journey and 20 year quest which included 6 years of Yoga, The Inner Christ Ministry, Tibetan foundation, and has been initiated by Yogis, Lamas, and other Master Teachers. He is a published author, "Becoming Gods-A Reunion with Source" and "Becoming Gods II". He was recently honored by a venerated teacher in the Lama traditions as "Rigdzin Norbu" which translated means jewel of pure awareness.  James has demonstrated redundantly the ability to vector in UFOs and his contacts with benevolent, spiritually advanced ETs have been fully documented by investigators with photos, day and night video, the sound of a mother ship, anomalous plant growth in the areas where the contacts occur, and hundreds of eye witnesses from all walks of life. He has appeared on national and international TV and radio with unprecedented main stream news coverage of the UFO contacts due to the overwhelming evidence. Fully documented full blown contact is happening at the Self Mastery Earth Institute which has met the necessary protocols for contact. www.cazekiel.org 
*45 minute lecture: Fully Documented, Full Blown Contact The introduction begins with a brief personal history followed by clips from the unprecedented mainstream news coverage. We will show a small sample of the latest photos capturing full blown contact in process taken by guests and UFO investigators, day and night video of the UFOs along with sound coming from an Orion Council of Light Mother Ship. This will be followed by a
general description of the nature of the contacts and who is who in the universe along with their origins and intentions. The lecture will end time allowing with a questions and answers. 
*90 minute workshop: Star Seed Awakening, to Purpose in Assisting the Benevolent Spiritually Advanced ETs in Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth Topics covered will be Interdimensional Mind, UFOs and the Vibrational Continuum, Who is Who in the Universe. Safeguards for Contact, ETs our Ancient Ancestors, The Star Nations and Egypt Connection. Lecture will include how they are first interfacing with humanity on a spiritual and energetic level assisting in the awakening and healing process in preparation for the Earth's evolution into physical contact and union with off world visitors both interstellar and interdimensional. These beings are here now, have overseen and been a part of Earth's history for millions of years. The lecture will end in how to initiate a contact and meet the necessary protocols. This will be accompanied by the latest photos, videos, sound recordings of off world craft.

Anna Hayes Gruber Ekr.MC Anna is host of the Life Empowerment Workshop Series, founder of the Kathara Healing Institute and Institute of Keylontic Morphogenetic Science and author of the Keylonta and Voyagers Series books, the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System TM and the Tangible Structure of the Soul-Accelerated Bio-Regenesis Program TM. Following 28 years of extensive research, training, physical contact with a pro-human Visitor Collective and a NDE, Anna, a 6th-Degree Oridnate Minister of the Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister, provides training and healing assistance to contactees, and offers Personal Empowerment, Masters Spiritual Awakening and Holistic Healing programs.  Considered expert on subjects of New Science, Spiritual Development and Ufological Contact/History, Anna has been featured on radio programs, such as the Jeff Rense Sightings Show and SHINE, and conducts training programs in the US and abroad.                                                                                    *45 minute lecture: Solving the Greatest Mysteries of UFO-ET Visitor Contact Behind the UFO Movement there is a "Big Picture" and underlying purpose that most often remains unseen beneath the intrigue and contradiction the phenomenology of "UFO experience" implies. What IS the Big Picture? Where do Visitors COME FROM? How do Visitors select the "Chosen Ones"? What are Scientific and Spiritual Experts Missing and what do Professionals need to understand? There ARE answers. Join Anna Hayes Gruber Ekr. MC to discover: What every Abductee and Contactee needs to know. Secrets of Hybridization Programs and DNA. Advanced 15-Dimensional Scalar Physics, Time Mechanics and Spiritual Perspectives. The solution of Bio-Regenesis TM technology, and much more.
*90 minute workshop: 3 Primary Visitor Agendas-Methods of Personal Empowerment Discover the identity of the primary Visitor Races, true motives for contemporary contact, keys to understanding buried in our ancient past and the 3 Primary Visitor Agendas unfolding in contemporary times. Explore the secrets of humanity's
forgotten origins, the truth about historical Visitor contact, and find out why understanding hybridization is necessary for educated action. Learn how the Contact Phenomenon affects you, whether or not you believe, and what steps you can take to become empowered. Why is 2000-2017 unprecedented in recorded human history? How are dormant potentials in the human genome and the Science of Bio-Regenesis tools for effective action? Find out here. Featuring a simple Bio-RegenesisTM Technique for negative contact immunity that also helps you reclaim your hidden biological and spiritual potentials. Thank You for Your Interest in Our Work, Blessings, Phil and Anna Hayes Gruber.

RICHARD C. HOAGLAND is a former NASA consultant, and was CBS news advisor to Walter Cronkite during the historic Apollo missions. For the past 15 years Hoagland has led an outside scientific team in a critically acclaimed independent analysis of possible intelligently designed artifacts on Viking images on mars. In the past 5 years he has extended his investigations to include previous NASA missions to the moon, with astonishing results. Many time Coast to Coast AM guest. I saw Richard's most recent presentation given in Scottsdale, Arizona and it was nothing short of excellent. Since that time NASA has released thousands of new mars images, and announced the finding of far more water on mars than was previously thought possible. In short, Richard will have much new information to present! Ed. enterprisemission.com

BUDD HOPKINS I have been researching the UFO abduction phenomenon for a quarter of a century, and have written three books on the subject: "Missing Time," 1981,"Intruders," 1987, and "Witnessed," 1996. Each book has been translated into one or more of twelve different languages and has been internationally influential. "Intruders," A New York Times bestseller,was made in to a powerful CBS miniseries in 1992. My goals have been 1) to discover and isolate patterns within the thousands of abduction reports, in order to better understand alien motives and methods, 2) to work with abductees in order to help them achieve personal transformations after years of alien-induced trauma, 3) to publicize the abduction phenomenon among scientists, mental health professionals and the public at large, and 4) to train a cadre of researchers and therapists to carry on this work. In pursuit of the goal of public education, I have appeared on hundreds of TV and radio programs, such as Larry King Live, Oprah and Nightline. I have also been interviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Paris Match, Charlie Rose, Bryant Gumbel Art Bell and many other publications and indepedent reporters. intrudersfoundation.org
*45 minute lecture: The UFO Abduction Experience and Personal Evolution. This is a study of the early developmental stages of an abductee's life, beginning with infancy, and the effects of abductions upon this development. 
*90 minute workshop: Recognizing the signs of possible hidden abductions. A workshop which examines the symptoms - both subtle and more overt - of "unremembered" abductions, to be conducted interactively with the audience.

David Jacobs, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of History at Temple University specializing in twentieth century American History. Dr. Jacobs has been a UFO researcher for 35 years. In 1973, he completed his doctoral dissertation in the field of intellectual history at the University of Wisconsin on the controversy over UFOs in America. For over twenty years he has offered the only regular curriculum university course on UFOs: "UFOs and American Society." Jacobs has conducted 800 hypnotic regressions on over 130 abductees which led to his classic work "Secret Life: First Hand Accounts of UFO Abductions." Jacobs has lectured widely on the subject giving papers at universities and colleges across the country. Abductions, was published by Simon & Schuster in 1992. The book is the most complete exposition of the structure and meaning of the abduction phenomenon yet published. Dr. Jacobs latest book is an anthology about the UFO and abduction phenomenon for The University Press of Kansas. Titled UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge, it contains original chapters by ten distinguished and prominent authors in the field of UFO research. This important academic press book will be published in August, 2000. Over the past twenty-eight years Jacobs has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows around the world discussing UFOs and abductions. ufoabduction.com
*45 minute lecture: Behind the UFO and Abduction Program It will concentrate on the logistics and preparations necessary for aliens to conduct abductions and therefore reveal the time and energy devoted to their program. The implications of this are profound. 
*90 minute workshop: Are Abductions a Threat ? This workshop will deal with the motivations for and goals of the alien abduction program and discuss possible scenarios for the future. I will state a hypothesis that best answers all the data about UFOs and abductions and leads to a logical, and perhaps inevitable, conclusion to the UFO and abduction mystery. 

Dr. Roger Leir Chief Podiatric Surgeon and Featured guest of "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" on CD-ROM. Dr. Leir is also Co-Host of Cable Radio Networks, Millennium Mysteries, as well as a frequent guest on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland. Dr. Leir and his work has appeared on numerous television programs such as the recently aired television magazine show, Extra. In addition, Dr. Roger Leir has headed two surgical teams that have removed ten suspected alien implants from nine separate individuals alleged to be abductees. These surgeries have attracted world wide attention. Dr. Roger Leir is a Podiatric Surgeon and has acted as Chief of Podiatry in many Southern California hospitals. alienscalpel.com
*45 minute lecture: The Latest in Alien Implants I will review what has previously been done with suspected alien implants, covering the previous surgeries and findings. I will review the contents of my book, "The Aliens and the Scalpel" In addition I will review the surgery that was recently performed this year and present the new version of my book, Casebook-Alien Implants. 
*90 minute workshop: Implant Surgery 2000 This exciting workshop will cover the details of the latest surgery, performed this year for recovery of an alien implant. I will also cover the newest in scientific data that will boggle the mind of the listener. In addition, for the first time, ever, I will present the actual abductee who will address the audience and answer any questions that he is capable of answering. I will present video of the actual surgery being performed as well as video and slides of some of the microscopic work showing the membrane and its strange qualities.

Michael Lindemann, 51, is an internationally known futurist, journalist and UFO researcher. From Dec 1994 to June 2000 he was editor and publisher of the online journal CNI News (www.cninews.com),
reporting the latest in UFO research and the scientific quest for life in the universe; and from Jan 1999 to May 2000 he was editor and publisher of Global Situation Report (www.gsreport.com), covering events and trends shaping the new millennium. He discontinued those publications in June 2000 in order to join a new media company called Project Voyager (www.projectvoyager.com) that will  focus on global trends and the human future. Michael is also author of the book "UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints" (1991; revised edition 1997) and has been a featured speaker at scores of UFO conferences across the U.S. and abroad. In October 1998 and again in July 1999, Michael co-organized and participated in a private think-tank project called the Contact Planning Sessions, in which business executives, NASA scientists, military officers, academicians, media professionals and futurists came together under confidential conditions to discuss the real social and political outcomes of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Michael has a passionate side interest in the planet Mars and plans to visit the moon as a tourist by the year 2020, preferably with his wife Deborah Lindemann, a professional hypnotherapist. projectvoyager.com 
*45 minute lecture: Exploring Mars & Beyond -- We Are the ETs Hardly a week goes by without revealing new scientific reasons to expect the existence of extraterrestrial life. ET life is now considered possible on Mars and several other places in our solar system --  not to mention on dozens or thousands of other worlds in our galaxy. As we humans move outward into space, we become the ETs. And we also demonstrate more convincingly than ever that ET visitation to Earth is not only possible, but highly probable.                                                            *90 minute workshop: Real Scenarios of Extraterrestrial Contact It's not just Ufologists and secretive government agents who think about ET contact. Increasing numbers of scientists, futurists and social analysts now realize that ET contact is likely enough to demand serious planning. What would REALLY happen if human society suddenly realized aliens are among us? The projections range from total catastrophe to spectacular transformation. One thing's for sure -- "business as usual" would take a beating. Futurist Michael Lindemann has participated in several "scenario planning sessions" that studied the implications of open ET contact. This workshop will discuss those implications in detail.

Jaime Maussan  is considered to be the Mike Wallace of Latin America and hosts Mexico's version of 60 Minutes. For the past decade, he has focused on the astounding UFO events taking place over Mexico City. This will be Jaime's first Bay Area appearance in five years.


Dr. Kevin D. Randle is a professional writer who, for more than twenty years, has been studying the UFO phenomenon. As an undergraduate at the University of Iowa, he studied anthropology. Graduate work included journalism, psychology and military science at the University of Iowa, California Coast University and American Military University. He received his doctoral degree in psychology in 1999 and his second master's degree in the Art of Military Science in 2000. During his investigationsinto UFOs, Randle has traveled the United States to interview hundreds of witnesses who were involved in everything from the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947, to the repeated radar sightings of UFOs over Washington, D.C. in 1952, to the latest of the abduction cases. Randle was among the first journalists to have the opportunity to review the files of the Air Force's UFO study, Project Blue Book when they were declassified in 1976, the among the first to report on animal mutilations, and among the first to report on alien abduction. randlereport.com
*45 minute lecture: Roswell Revisited In the last few years there have been many devastating revelations about the Roswell UFO crash from the Air Force claim that it was a Project Mogul Balloon to the elimination of some of the more important civilian witnesses. Given all that has happened, and given what we now know about the Roswell case, is there any hope at all that something can be salvaged? Are we left with the ashes of a story, or is there a core of important information left after the tough scrutiny? The answer is, "Yes." There are some very important witnesses and some very important information about Roswell that needs to be examined.
*90 minute workshop: Exactly What is Alien Abduction? For more than forty years we have heard tales of alien abduction. People say that alien beings invade their bedrooms, take them for examination on spacecraft and then return them. Hundreds, if not thousands, have made these reports, and dozens of researchers, from the highly trained scientists, to self styled "alien hunters" have given us an encyclopedia of information. But now some reseachers are suggesting alternative explanations. Can we find any common ground for discussion? Can we all learn something by discussing the idea of alien abduction in an environment where no one is considered right or wrong? Will this enable us to understand exactly what alien abduction is?

Michael Tsarion is a Sidereal Mythologist & Divination Scholar & exceptional intuitive reader. Educated in the Krishnamurti tradition he is the grandson of Tara Singh of Course In Miracles fame. Michael was raised in Ireland & has made the deepest research into the comparative mythologies of the world & of his own country's magnificent & idiosyncratic magical tradition. Michael is also an associate of the master scholar Jordan Maxwell. Together they are seeking to advance the subject of Astro-Theology which has all but been expunged from the lexicons of modernity. The study of Astro-Theology lays bear the occult roots of government, religion & big business. Michael is a regular guest on Bay Area radio. He is on the staff of the New Age Academy in Berkeley & an associate of the Paul Solomon Foundation & the Academy of Alchemical & Holistic Research, Michael now gives powerful life-changing classes in the Bay Area on Astro-Theology, the Divination Arts & the subversive use of sacred symbolism in the media. taroscopes.com  
*45 minute lecture: Extra-terrestrial involvement in Celtic Ireland Michael has found much evidence to support the presence of extra-terrestrial agencies in the the ancient world. He will discuss some mythical & cosmological leitmotifs that arise from a study of the Celtic traditons that have hitherto been ignored. He believes that many seemingly fictional classics, like those of writers C.S Lewis & J.R.R Tolkien also contain valuable information about visitation during the "Atlantean" period. In the tradition of William Bramley, Immanuel Velikovsky, Barbara Marciniak & Erich von Daniken, Michael considers the consequences to civilization of extra-terrestrial involvement & seeks to clarify some of the quandaries that other "visitation" experts have overlooked. He also addresses the significance of artifacts like the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grael, the Coronation Stone, the sword Excalibur, the missing Capstone of the Giza Pyramid & the Kaaba. Also discussed is the role played by secret societies like the Knights Templar, the Order of Thule & Freemasonry.
*90 minute workshop: The Destruction of Atlantis Discussion II Was Atlantis really a center of advanced human civilization? What if Homo Sapiens are not indigenous to Earth? Is the "New Order" really something new? Where cybernetics & genetics known thousands of years ago? Why is Bloodline so crucial to the monarchs of the earth? Who was Merlin? The Mahabarata in India, the Trojan & Celtic wars were all going on relatively simultaneously, why? What where the ten plagues of Egypt really? Is the idea of a vengeful god natural to humankind? Who are the "fallen angels" that are spoken of in the Bible & the Dead Sea Scrolls? Why is the submissive status of women decreed & maintained by religion & society? Was Eve tempted or enlightened by the Serpent in the garden? What is the real significance of the Pentagram? Why is the US Pentagon that shape? What is the real significance of terms like "nuclear war," "atomic war," "cold war," & "star wars." These are just a few of the questions under discussion with Michael Tsarion.
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